10 Ways To Improve Your Life With Feng Shui

Zen Stones

By “design”, Anita Rosenberg, the Feng Shui and BaZi Chinese Astrology expert in Hollywood, is talking about a more holistic and balanced way of raising the vibration of your interior. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese Art that has been around 4,000 years so you know it works! Successful people like Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump and Anita’s clients Paula Abdul and Virginia Madsen use Feng Shui, so why not you?

1. It Takes Two To Tango- Spice Up Your Love Life With The Duality Of Pairs

Attract a mate by simply following Feng Shui tips. Love and passion involve the dance between two people; it’s the tango of two souls. By decorating with “pairs of things”, you will stir up your love life. Two pictures, two lamps or matching items reinforce this dance. Even if you are single, displaying pairs honors relationships in general and will help you with family, friends and work associates.

2. Cover Televisions When Not In Use- Televisions And Computers Emit Unhealthy Energy

Televisions are our windows into the world and computers are how we communicate. They make us happy, but they also possess strong Electro Magnet Frequencies that are harmful in large doses. Whether turned on or off, there are rays of energy we cannot see and they negatively affect our health. In Feng Shui, it is suggested they be place inside closed cabinets when not in use. Bedrooms are controversial, because some people can’t sleep without their television. This is actually the reason they can’t sleep.

3. Bring Out The Welcome Mat- Opportunity Knocks At The Front Door

Who meets your guests and opportunities when they come calling? The front door is your mouth of Qi and whether you enter through the side door or garage, opportunity enters through the front. This is why we add greeters that bring fortune. A welcome mat, bamboo shoots, bubbling fountain, spiritual statue, a bench or a mirror (as long as it’s not facing the door) makes a great first impression.

4. Light My Fire- Balance The Fireplace With A Mirror Over The Mantel

Whether you turn on the gas or light up a log, the hearth is a warm and cozy place for romance. The fireplace is the fieriest area of the house and you need to balance it with the water element. Mirrors, glass and metal objects balance the fire. Family photographs and paintings do not. The fire will symbolically burn wood elements, like a plant. Never place family photos on the mantel.

5. Always Sit In The Power Position- No One Wants Their Back To The Door

At a restaurant, who wants to sit with their back to the action? Everyone wants a view of the room. You should always have a commanding view of the room. Those in cubicles facing the wall are at a disadvantage. Place a small mirror in front of you to reflect anyone who comes up behind.

6. Art That Inspires- Lift Your Spirits With Positive Artwork

Art symbolism is more powerful than you can imagine. Romantic imagery goes in the master bedroom, playful art belongs in children’s rooms, food-related and people-oriented visuals are best in dining rooms and kitchens, while the entry is for important pieces that set the tone for your entire home and your life. Office art empowers your career. And when it comes to bathrooms, nudes and intimate images work best.

7. Romancing The Bedroom- Bedrooms Are Private Sanctuaries and Passionate Playgrounds

Bedrooms have only two purposes, one is to recharge your battery though sleep and the other is to rejuvenate your spirit though love and romance. Keep exercise bikes, children’s toys, and laundry baskets out. The goal is to create a serene and relaxing atmosphere with soft and earth- tone bedding. The #1 rule is: no mirrors in the bedroom because they stir up too much energy.

8. Treat Yourself To Flowers- Fresh Flowers Bring Prosperity

Flowers are said to be good fortune, plus they look really nice around your home or office. Buy a big bouquet of red Gerber daisies, put them on your conference desk and see pending deals coming through. Some people prefer silk and dried floras, but be aware that they have a short shelf-life. After 3 months they become dusty and lead to negative energy. When flowers wilt or fade, replace them immediately.

9. Hang Art Feng Shui Style- Break The Heaven & Earth Line

Anita’s tips for hanging art are to look at the heaven and earth line. You want to hang large pieces breaking the line to lift the energy in the room. Once you have hung your main piece, everything else in the room gets hung according to the mid-line of that piece. This makes sure all art has balanced focus as your eye moves around the room.

10.  Family Wall Of Fame- Qi gets stuck in long hallways, stir it up with a family wall of fame

Energy gets stuck in long hallways and that’s where hanging a wall of family photos can make a big difference. Just hang only one side of the hallway. Salon-style is a European way of installing an exhibition where you pitter-patter the wall with photos or paintings.


Tips are based on Anita Rosenberg’s book, Feng Shui Luck.

Her new books Practical Magic & Household Luck, Feng Shui Luck and Heavenly Luck are available on-line at the Good Karma Shop – www.AnitaRosenberg.com.