100% Botanical Berry Recipe Collection


By Christina Ross 

It’s berry time here in Southern California so as you walk into your local health food store, farmers market or local grocer you will most likely see an abundant array of plump juicy berries.  Now’s the time to take advantage of natures candy and start savoring the flavors of Summer in as many ways as you can imagine. If you’re having trouble choosing what to do with all the berries and discovering the infinite potential that they posses then check out the recipes that I’ve created for you below for some extra inspiration.




All of the berries used in these recipes were provided by Whole Foods Torrance. If you live in the area I strongly encourage you to check out their organic berry selection. I especially loved the loose blueberry display as I could grab as many as I wanted without having to buy several small packages. The strawberries also come in large quantities as well as small, I grabbed the large boxes knowing that I could freeze some for frozen treats. The blackberries were large and juicy as well as local and the raspberries we’re perfectly balanced between sweet & tart.



Regardless of where you purchase your berries just be certain to buy organic or pesticide/spray free as berries are very porous and easily absorb the chemicals. Besides unadulterated berries have an unparalleled taste that can’t be modified to taste any better than the way nature originally created them. The berries like us are beautiful just the way they are.



Get the kids involved  as these recipes are very kid friendly and fun to prepare! If you happen to wind up with as many berries as I did then don’t forget to share some treats with your friends, family and anybody else that you may want to share the vibrancy & abundance of summer with!



Have fun, be happy, live healthy & enjoy!






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