Belly Ballot


BellyBallot is a fun and interactive new way parents name their baby. It is a comprehensive baby naming platform that meets the social needs of parents today. It was conceived when a co-founder, Lacey, had a baby shower and wanted her friends and family members to get involved with selecting a name for her baby. She created ballots with 5 boy and 5 girl names, passed them out to the attendees to vote, whom then dropped their votes into the “Belly Ballot Box.” The experience was so rewarding and inspiring that Lacey wanted to bring her creation to the public.

When you visit Belly Ballot you are instantly engaged by how they breakdown the naming process. There are lists of “heroic, romantic and bad boy names,” names divided by ethnicity, and even lists of the popular names from the last 10 decades! Not to mention that every name comes with a definition. Once you and your partner have selected some of your favorite names, get your friends and family involved by having them vote!

Join the funnest way to name your baby here: Belly Ballot