2013 Voting Now Open!

Our Mom’s Lab tested products from all over the world. They rated performance, style, design, footprint, socially conscious endeavors and ingredients. Five finalists were selected in each of the 36 categories, and were voted on by you, the fans! We have collected all the votes, tallied them up, and have notified the winners. Now, we are ready to share the winners with you!

Voting ended on July 15th, 2013 for the 2013 Eco-Excellence™. The winners will be featured in our next issue, The Indulgence Issue, which will be our biggest issue to date!
So, make sure you grab a copy on September 1st to learn more about this year’s winners.

2013 Voting Categories

  • Gear
  • Skin Care
  • Fashion
  • Nursery
  • Feeding
  • Cleaning
  • Pets
  • Eco-Good

2013 Finalist: All Purpose Cleaners

  • Honest Company: Multi Surface Cleaner

    Enjoy the ease and convenience of one product that tackles tons of surfaces! It leaves nothing behind but the fresh smell of grapefruit.


  • Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day: Cleaner Bluebell

    It is a concentrated, hard working, earth-friendly and biodegradable cleaner for use on all non-porous home surfaces. It is safe and effective for kitchen & bathroom cleaning, including floors, counters etc.

  • Earth Friendly Products: Parsley Plus All Surface Cleaner

    Brings the fresh smell of fresh parsley into your home. It’s great for kitchen countertops, and other hard surface areas in your home.

  • Eco Nuts: USDA Certified Organic Multi-surface Cleaner

    Based on berry and other botanical extracts, it is phosphate-free, sulfate-free, ammonia free and alcohol Free. Use it on tile, metal, stone, porcelain enamel, chrome, laminate, and other non-porous surfaces.

  • Caldrea: Sea Salt Neroli

    It was created with fragile fabrics in mind- washable woolens, cashmere, lingerie, nylon, silk and linen. Gentle plant surfactants and essential oils create fresh, clean laundry for everyone.

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2013 Finalist: Child Gear Cleaners

  • Biokleen

    Bac-Out’s live enzyme-producing cultures attack pet, food and beverage stains, organic waste, and odors until they are gone, digesting them back to nature, safely and naturally


  • BuggyLove

    A crisp, organic, tangerine-scented solution for daily cleaning of life’s messy situations. Safe to use on toys, strollers, high chairs, etc. Strong enough to clean your house from top to bottom.

  • Dapple

    This cleaner features green technology and harnesses the power of natural ingredients to keep your environment a healthy clean. It is free of parabens, phthalates, SLS, SLES, 1,4-dioxane & dyes.

  • Orbit Baby

    Their 5-piece baby-safe cleaning kit includes everything you need to keep your baby gear spotless and squeak-free. It can be used with any brand of car seats, strollers, and bassinets.

  • Greenology

    GreenShield Organics’ All-Purpose Cleaner is USDA certified organic and removes grease, grime, mold, mildew and other debris that have accumulated without leaving a sticky residue of harmful chemicals and toxins.

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2013 Finalist: Floor Cleaners

  • Honest Company

    Say goodbye to messy buckets of water using our rinse-free, natural, 4-in-1 floor cleaner! It’s eco-friendly, family-friendly, floor-friendly fantastic!

  • Bona

    An effective, environmentally responsible, and non-toxic formula for all types of residential hardwood floors. Specially designed to be safe for floors, families, and the environment.

  • Earth Friendly Products

    This floor cleaner is the first naturally derived product that can be used on wooden floors and wood floor laminates that will not strip your floors of their wax or seals.

  • Greenology Products

    GreenShield Organic’s Spot Cleaner is made of organic ingredients including Dead Sea salt and citric acid, as well as the orange blossoms, to help keep your carpet smelling naturally fresh.


  • Biokleen

    Biokleen’s unique formula of live enzyme-producing cultures and citrus extracts cleans and deodorizes by going directly after the source that can cause build-up: dirt, oils, grease, and food particles.

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2013 Finalist: Kids Laundry Detergent

  • Earth Friendly Products Baby Ecos

    Ecos Baby Laundry Detergent is a hypoallergenic, everyday laundry soap containing only the highest quality ingredients. It is plant-based, non-toxic, and environmentally responsible.


  • Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Soap

    Eco Nuts is organic berries that naturally contain soap. Place 4-5 in the provided cloth bag instead of regular detergent. This product also costs 1/3 the cost of regular detergent. USDA certified organic.

  • Babyganics

    With Babyganics, you use 1/3 the amount of detergent and less water! They use no harsh chemicals or toxins to harm or irritate. Rinse-free for use on cloth diapers.

  • Aden + Anais

    This naturally derived detergent works on all your family’s laundry. The scent of Australian Sandalwood keeps clothes fresh, while the stain-fighting ingredients keep them looking new-without the use of chemicals.

  • Charlie Banana

    Their detergent is specifically made for parents using cloth diapers, and newborn/sensitive skin. Because of the non-toxic, soluble ingredients, it does not clog fabric pores that can make cloth diapers leak.

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2013 Finalist: Laundry

  • The Honest Company

    These pods have a neutral pH and are exceptional at stain removal. Perfect for babies & sensitive skin – no chemical residues left behind. Naturally Non-Toxic / Hypoallergenic / Biodegradable / pH Neutral.


  • Rockin’ Green Laundry Detergent

    Eco Friendly laundry detergent with no harmful chemicals. Works great on all your laundry from diapers to denim. Made with plant-based surfactants, clean rinsing fragrances, and is gluten free.

  • Eco Store USA

    A gentle formulation recommended for delicates and woolens as well as regular household washing. Contains ingredients derived from coconut and eucalyptus oil for extra cleaning power and a clean fragrance.

  • Method

    This revolutionary detergent has a no-mess, precision-dosing pump that is simple and eliminates waste. It is powered by plant-based technology using 95% natural and renewable ingredients.

  • Ecover

    Ecover tackles a whole variety of stains, while respecting your family’s skin. It has a gentle fragrance and is made from plant-based and mineral ingredients.

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Lab Tested, Mom Approved

Lab Tested, Mom Approved