2013 Voting Now Open!

Our Mom’s Lab and Editors tested products from all over the world. They rated performance, style, design, footprint, socially conscious endeavors and ingredients. The finalists were selected, and you, the people, voted! The winners this year will be announced in our Winter issue. Thank you to all the companies that participated, and to all the fans that voted!  VOTING IS NOW CLOSED.

Voting ends on October 13th, 2014 at 11.50 PST. The Eco-Excellence Awards™ Winners will be notified via email no later than October 30th, 2014 and they will be featured on the print and digital edition of NCW Magazine Winter Issue. The winners of The Eco –Excellence basket will be notified via email in October.

2013 Voting Categories

  • Gear
  • Skin Care
  • Fashion
  • Nursery
  • Feeding
  • Cleaning
  • Pets
  • Eco-Good
  • Resources
  • Health

2013 Finalist: Baby Bottles

  • 5 Phases Revolutionary Hybrid GLASS Baby Bottles

    This unique design keeps the Eco-mom in mind providing the healthful benefits of glass + the protection of BPA free plastic all while reducing the carbon footprint on the environment.

  • MAM

    Anti-Colic Bottles MAM’s innovative Anti-Colic Bottle, designed to reduce colic, gas and burps features MAM's ultra-soft silicone nipple, which is easy for babies to latch on to because it feels just like mom.

  • Pura Kiki Insulated

    The NEW Insulated Pura Kiki bottles have all of the features of our original Kiki...100% plastic-free, Baby Grows... Bottle Evolves™ capabilities while keeping liquids warm or cold for up to 8 hours!

  • OrganicKidz Stainless Steel Thermal Baby Bottles

    OrganicKidz created the world's first thermal baby bottles that keep liquids hot or cold for 6+ hours making playdates, outings and travel much easier! They are toxin free, naturally bacteria resistant and unbreakable.

  • The Active Top for Kids

    This bottle has a rotary slide valve control system, implemented for the first time on a SIGG bottle, which combines an intelligent flow rate. It has a close, open, clean and air function that helps dictate what mode you want to be in.

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2013 Finalist: Baby Food

  • Kabrita Goat Milk Yogurt and Fruit

    Naturally easy to digest, non-GMO Kabrita Goat Milk Yogurt and Fruit, in easy to squeeze pouches. Available in three toddler-approved flavors: Mixed Berry, Mango Peach, and Banana & Natural Vanilla Bean. Fortified with vitamins D, C and E, and are free from artificial flavors,dyes, hormones and pesticides.

  • Happy Baby Homestyle Meals Sweet Peas, Green Beans & Spinach

    Happy Family is a leading premium organic food brand delivering optimal nutrition for the entire family. Their Happy Baby pouches delight baby's taste buds and help develop her budding palate.

  • Baby Gourmet Squoosh

    Squoosh - An organic pouched snack for toddlers. It comes in BeetBerry and SquabbleBerry flavor. No added sugar, salt, and is gluten-free, nut-free, housed in BPA-free packaging.

  • Love Child Organics Super Blends Purees

    Love Child Organics’ Super Blends contain quinoa, agluten-free supergrain, and acerola fruit, a natural source of Vitamin C. Made with 100% pure, organic ingredients.

  • NurturMe Eco Pouch

    NurturMe has created a new reusable baby food pouch to help parents feed their children and do their part for Mother Earth at the same time.

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2013 Finalist: Dishware / Utensils

  • green sprouts Glass Sip ‘n Straw Cup

    Safe from the inside out! Liquids only touch silicone and glass, which are safe materials that will not absorb odors or tastes. Plastic shell and shock-absorbent base help prevent breaks. Includes 2 interchangeable tops!

  • Siliskin Glass Sippy Cup

    The Siliskin Glass Sippy Cup is a new take on sippycups! Where form meets function, the innovative design makes the siliskin sippy a breeze to use, and it's not plastic. Safety and beautiful design have come together at last.

  • U-Konserve Bamboo Utensil

    U-Konserve's Bamboo Utensil is practical, lightweight and durable and cuts down on waste. Made from sustainably harvested bamboo that's hand finished with a food safe oil.

  • Boon

    SWAP 2-in-1 Feeding Spoon A dual-ended spoon with a soft end and a rigid end perfect for first time eaters.

  • Starboard Appetizer Set

    Use this set for condiments of all kinds as well as dips, salsas, and other sauces. Made of sustainable food safe polypropylene and specially designed for dining in motion and extra room underneath to tuck flatware,napkins and other essentials.

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2013 Finalist: Feeding Gear

  • San Diego Bebe® Eco-Nursing Pillow

    Made with virgin Eco*Loft™ Fiber, it is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, foam-free, fire-retardant-free, lead-free and Phthalate-free. Loaded with mom-inspired patented features, including a vented, built-in Privacy Cover™ for discreet nursing.

  • Organic Kidz Bamboo Baby Bottle Tree

    organicKidz introduces the first sustainable baby bottle drying rack! Their space saving ‘baby bottle tree’ is solid bamboo, naturally bacteria resistant, toxin free and water repellent. And, there’s no need to hide it when the doorbell rings!

  • Bébé au Lait Muslin Nursing Covers

    Bébé au Lait Muslin Nursing Covers are the lightest and most breathable breastfeeding covers available. Made of premium, 100% open-weave cotton Muslin, they’re perfect for hot Summer days or for moms and babies who get warm easily.

  • Modern Twist Bucket Bib

    Made of 100% natural medical-grade silicone and efficient for everyday meals. The eco-friendly must-have for tots is easy to clean, features a deep pocket to prevent food mishaps and easily rolls up to take on the go.

  • Nook Sleep Systems Niche

    Organic inside and out and Made in the USA. The Niche’s squared design offers extra surface space for extended use while Kapok provides support and breathability.

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2013 Finalist: High Chairs

  • Oxo Sprout High Chair Taupe-Birch

    An extended use chair that grows with your child and their developmental stages,from 6 months to 5 years. Sprout requires no tools to adjust the seat, tray or footrest.

  • Stokke Steps Chair

    Stokke Steps Chair provides active comfort and adapts to your child’s ever changing size and needs. Its legs are made of durable European beech wood, the seat and back provide stable support at any age.

  • Micuna OVO Highchair

    The OVO high chair by Micuna offers aesthetics, comfort and safety. Its elegant and sleek design, with round lines make it a great centerpiece of your kitchen

  • Fresco Chrome High Chair

    The fresco chrome starts as a newborn cradle and converts to the world's highest baby chair, offering a 3-position recline system with easy up and down height adjustment.

  • Boon FLAIR High Chair

    The Boon FLAIR High Chair features a one-piece seat that is the sleekest, smoothest thing going. And, it makes cleanup unbelievably easy!

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Lab Tested, Mom Approved

Lab Tested, Mom Approved