Aden + Anais


“… I feel that it’s important for both myself and aden + anais to do what we can to take care of the planet—for the sake of our children’s’ future.”


Aden + anais, a company that was known for one product, muslin swaddles, is now flourishing and growing into a brand blooming with wonderful products for parents and their babies. Aden + anais now partners with us in our Dream Room Makeover Giveaway for a lucky child! Raegan Moya Jones, founder of Aden + Anais, shares her thoughts on our Giveaway and gives advice on being GREEN. As well as talks about her company, and how she lives a sustainable lifestyle.


NCW: Tell me about your company?

Raegan: In 2003, I was expecting my first baby while living in the United States, half a world away from my family, back home in Australia.  Like all new mums to be, I was preparing for the baby’s arrival, and one of the must-have “things” that all Australian mums used on their babies were muslin wraps. I looked everywhere for them in the US and not only could I not find them, no one had any clue what I was talking about! I resorted to having my sister send me some from Australia.  Upon their arrival, it dawned on me that all Australian mums couldn’t have it wrong, and that if I introduced them to American mothers, I knew they would feel the same way.  Before I could stop myself, I took a page from Plato’s Republic – inventing by way of necessity – and decided to take matters into my own hands.  I co-founded aden + anais® and took my first pack of aden + anais® muslin wraps to market in the US in July 2006. Today, we can be found in twenty countries around the world and in many thousands of stores.

NCW: What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced with your company?

Raegan: There are really too many to list however each and every challenge and/or mistake we’ve encountered has made us better.

NCW: Why did you decide to partner with us in our Dream Room Makeover Giveaway?

Raegan: I feel part of caring for my children means making sure they have a beautiful, safe planet to live in and to grow up in.  So therefore, I feel that it’s important for both myself and aden + anais to do what we can to take care of the planet—for the sake of our children’s’ future.

NCW: What do you do to personally to stay green? What does aden + anais do when it comes to being GREEN?

Raegan: Recycling is a must. Whether at home or in the office, I personally only buy organic fruits, vegetables and milk. As for aden + anais, we use low impact dyes on all of our fabrics and produce a line of eco-friendly, organic swaddles.

NCW: Define Happiness. What is happiness to you?

Raegan: Contentment. Family. Friends.

NCW: Define what BEAUTY means to you?

Raegan: Beauty comes from within; the most beautiful people I know are the ones with the kindest hearts. In my opinion beauty is not about physical appearance, it’s all about your heart and soul.

NCW: How has motherhood changed you?

Raegan: Safe to say it’s changed me in every way possible, all in a good way. It really has made me a better person.

NCW: What advice do you have for someone striving to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle?

Raegan: When it comes to making purchasing decisions, read more about the product and understand exactly what you are buying before you buy it. Not everything is as it appears. For example, I wasn’t big on reading my skin care labels until I worked with a dermatologist on our mum + bub skin care line.  She taught me that with all products I buy for myself and my family, it isn’t enough to just see that the product says “natural” on the front of the packaging, you really need to read the label too.

NCW: Where do you get your inspiration?

Raegan: My family

NCW: Who is your biggest critic?

Raegan: Me

NCW: What is your BEST advice for parents?

Raegan: Stay calm, drink wine and never ever, ever stop reminding your kids to say please and thank you.

NCW: What’s next for aden + anais?

Raegan: The next two years are going to be big for aden + anais. We’re coming out with a lot of new products and are growing from a company that started being known for one product, our signature muslin swaddles, into a lifestyle brand that carries many fantastic products for babies and their parents.

Stay tuned, Aden + Anais will soon be introducing new products!


For more information, visit aden + anais HERE.


By Anna Vorontsova