Q&A with Cameron Honarvar, Founder of Pacific Baby

Pacific Baby is a proud partner of The Beautiful Faces of Hope™ campaign and a great advocate for the sustainable feeding gear category. We are very excited to have teamed up with such an innovative company to fight for a toxic-free future!

Here is our interview with Cameron Honavar, the founder of Pacific Baby, read and learn more about their story and how they make a difference through their products.

1. What inspired you to start your company? 

Once upon a time we came across a thermos baby bottle and thought it was a fantastic idea (we’ve a total of five children).  But then we realized it wasn’t executed very well.  After a while we just thought why not make something like this ourselves, and try to incorporate the cool things we thought the product was lacking?  Well it turned out not to be so easy!  But it’s been a fun adventure, and we’re happy with what we’ve done.

2. Why was it important for you to focus on this specific category of products?

This is just where we started – it was something we liked and was manageable.  We’re not a big company – we’re a couple – and this was something we could get our heads around and afford to do.  You probably need a million dollars to launch a stroller!

3. What sets your company apart from other brands of the same category?

We try to come up with something new that is still practical and healthy.  We’d rather have fewer items, but have them count, than just try to make another version of something that’s already on the market.  So hopefully when you see a Pacific Baby product, you’ll say ‘wow, this is a really neat idea’.

4. What should consumers try to avoid when purchasing these products, and what should they look for?

Well, you want to make sure that your thermos actually works well, has a teat your baby likes, and doesn’t give off steel dust residue.  Not to blow our own trumpet, but we saw these as buyer issues, and (1) made a quality thermos; (2) used good teats, but made sure our bottle could accommodate other big brand teats; and (3) we put a permanent PP neck seal on the bottle, so the torque of opening and closing could not create any steel dust (there are many on the market that do just that).  Lastly, watch out for aluminum bottles unless you’re just drinking water – aluminum can have all kinds of nasty reactions to citrus juice, and some other things.

5. What are the benefits for our body and/or the environment when we use your products?

High-grade steel is a healthy and clean vessel (no-BPA, anti-bacterial, etc.), but the biggest aspect is probably the environment.  We make different tops so that as your child gets older you can keep using the bottle, say for five years.  That’s quite a few plastic sip cups, juice bottles, etc. that won’t go into the ground.

6. Where can consumers find your products?

We are on Amazon, BabyNewsOnline, Sears, and quite a few nice independent stores.  If you have any troubles refer to our website.

7. What has been your biggest challenge?  Your biggest reward?

The biggest challenge was building something.  There are so many elements in the chain from the factory to getting your items done, packaged and ready to deliver, and the basic fact is no one cares (even half as much) as you do.  You have to be all-in if you want to manufacture something.  The biggest reward has been sitting at a booth in a trade show, looking at your items on the shelves, seeing distributors, retailers and consumers love them – then smiling knowingly at your spouse without speaking – but saying ‘we actually did it’.

8. What is next for you and your company?  Are you working on any new products?

Yes!  We found an incredibly cool material – bamboo powder, mixed with rice and wheat husk, and corn starch – and we’ve just launched a range of natural, plastic-free feeding bowls, plates and utensils.  They’re not expensive, biodegradable, and just lovely for people who want a simple natural option for feeding.

9. Why was it important to you to participate in The Beautiful Faces of Hope campaign?

It was just a great idea.  These kids need as much support as they can get.  It was a no-brainer.

10. If you could send a personal message to those who have, or are currently struggling with cancer, what would that message be?

Be brave, keep fighting.


A night to remember is the only way to describe the 2nd Annual NCW Style Night, which took place in the heart of Los Angeles, at the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles on a warm Friday, October 3rd.   The fashion filled event celebrated sustainability and social responsibility in fashion, but also brought much needed awareness to the non-profit organization founded by supermodel, Christy Turlington Burns, Every Mother Counts.

As the glamorous attendees filled the venue, taking just enough time to stop and pose on the red carpet, the models hurriedly prepared backstage – primping and prepping, getting dressed in this season’s hottest fashion for kids and adults.  The lights dimmed, the music began to play and the models enthusiastically made their way down the catwalk.  Onlookers received an inside look at the latest collections by designers and brands including poème & poésie’s elegant handmade babywear; Shan and Toad the premiere online destination to transform your little toads into prince and princesses; LaDiDa the perfect source for cutting edge children’s fashion from the US and abroad; Velveteen, who gives all children the beautiful opportunity to embrace the magic marvel of childhood; Go Gently Baby, who proves they are more than just a clothing brand, but a way of living; Dhana Teens, who celebrates the global connections in life through eco-conscious fashion; Charlie Banana’s collection of super soft, eco-friendly underwear for men and boys; Indigenoustimeless collection of organic clothing that will never go out of fashion; and Prophetik whose romantic and distinctive aesthetic left the crowd in awe.

The fashion show was followed by a silent auction and intimate cocktail reception in which attendees mixed and mingled, as they enjoyed tasty hors d’oeuvres, cupcakes by Cream By Crystal and refreshing beverages provided by our sponsors Boxed Water and 360 Vodka. Special thanks to Mauro Spina for the runway hair.


Watch the video of 2014 Annual NCW Style Night

Charlie Banana

Charlie Banana is the award winning international, luxury brand of modern cloth diapers and eco-friendly baby products. Charlie Banana products include the innovative, patent pending 2-in-1 Hybrid Eco Diapering System, Swim Diapers, Training Pants, Organic cotton wipes, Tote Bags, Diaper Laundry Bags, Underwear, Baby Leg Warmers, Reusable Feminine Pads and Breast/Nursing Pads.

Charlie Banana diapers are a 2-in-1 Hybrid Eco Diapering System: a comfortable, trim fit pocket cloth diaper lined with soft layer of fleece. Parents have the option to stuff it with washable or disposable inserts. 2-in-1 One Size reusable diapers can be used from newborn through potty training and the leg elastic can be adjusted as the baby grows.



Velveteen was founded with the idea of dressing bold, kind and happy children, who strive to discover the world around them.

Velveteen embraces the exciting, fascinating and magical world of childhood. Since its inception, the brand has been offering chic, comfortable and timeless collections for babies and for girls. Next spring-summer season, Velveteen will also launch its first collection for boys!

The brand’s clothes are beautifully and ethically manufactured in India with the finest fabrics. They are hand-embroidered and have unique details. Velveteen teams up with fair trade artisans whenever possible and seeks out social enterprise partners in India who are focused on providing sustainable income to marginalised communities.


Shan and Toad

Shana Laub has always been passionate about fashion…and then she had three little girls.  Shopping for children’s clothes became quite the hobby for Shana.  She’d often get stopped in the street, being asked where she had found her treasures and troves, prompting her to put her shopping savvy skills to use, and open a children’s boutique. And today, another two girls later, Shan and Toad is steadily becoming one of the premiere children’s e-tailers in the U.S. Shan and Toad has garnered a style-conscious clientele that values fine quality along-side style and cutting-edge design.  Both elegant and chic, the Shan and Toad collections are redefining children’s fashion, offering a well-balanced mix of designer and indie brands.


Poème et Poésie

Inspired by cherished family heirlooms, poème & poésie is a line of elegant handmade babywear that blends loving craftsmanship and a graceful, modern aesthetic. With classic details and contemporary silhouettes, it is designed to be worn, treasured and handed down from one child to the next. Each piece is rendered in fine, earth-friendly materials like soft, breathable organic cotton and finished with bespoke details including hand-stitched embroidery, handmade lace and mother-of-pearl buttons. Bloomers, shirts, gowns, blankets and shoes are a few of the signature pieces in the collection.

Made in Ceylon, poème & poésie revives the distinctive art of handmade babywear.



Ladida, an upscale brick-and-mortar store located in New Jersey, brings you the widest range of high end kids’ designers and a guaranteed friendly and fun shopping experience. Whether you shop in-store or online at Ladida.com, a curated collection of the entire world of kids’ fashion is at your fingertips.

Curated by owner Rebecca Weisz and trend-conscious team, Ladida bring you the best from over one hundred different children’s clothing brands. It’s not just a shop, but a way of life. Are you a Ladida kid?


Go Gently Baby

Inspired by the thought of us all going a little more gently in life.

The American made brand offers infant & toddlers up to size 8.  Known for its simple & clean looks, this brand has created quite a following.  With fits that provide a long wear time, moms continue to flock to have their Go Gently pieces each season.  Using all organic fabrics & sustainable practices, Go Gently Baby continues to keep our children looking perfectly fashionable while showing us that you don’t have to sacrifice on style to be a sustainable clothing brand!

For the Fw14 collection,  A Woodland Adventure was the inspiration:

Winter florals, bark prints and colors inspired by nature and our world.