Surprise Baby Shower for Melissa Fluhr, co-founder of Project Nursery


Last Monday morning was nothing but a pleasant surprise baby shower for Melissa Fluhr, a soon-to-be mom and co-founder of Project Nursery.

Maternity and lifestyle guru, Rosie Pope hosted the event at the Mondrian Soho. The elegant baby shower was a perfect welcome to Melissa’s baby girl. With attention to details the event was styled by Rock Paper Scissors Events and Minted Décor; Baby pink high-end accessories, gold glittery garlands and florals by Christina Lozito created a warm yet elegant atmosphere.

This fabulous morning was followed by a fun game where guests had to work on #projectbabygirl and design a whimsical room. They were given magnetic boards where they had to pin pictures of their favorite nursery items; all products were gifted by, Minted and The Project Nursery Shop.

Melissa is not the only who got her baby registry wish list covered. Now one lucky Project Nursery reader will win the same items on Melisa’s registry. Stay tuned!


Mommy’s Must Haves by Rachel Pitzel, founder of Club MomMe

We got together with super mom Rachel Pitzel of Club MomMe to get her top 10 (more or less) list of Mommy’s Must Haves!

  1. Best DiapersBambo Nature for disposable, Charlie Banana for cloth and Luludew for a delivery service
  2. Best Baby Food – mixture of Happy Family (teething biscuits, yogurt chips, puffs) & Love Child Organics pouches + cereal by NuturMe (love their quinoa cereal)
  3. Best Baby Monitor – love the summer infant line.  There is a revolutionary new monitor coming out called Totokan that does not need to be plugged in to work, is water resistant, battery lasts for days and has a great app!  For the car, love Always In View by Infanttech
  4. Best Car Seat – Convertible High End – the brand new Britax Clicktight which makes installation with a seatbelt easy. Beautiful convertible is the Maxi Cosi Pria in Bohemian Blue (LOVE).  Easy portability is the OrbitBaby G3 Infant Car Seat and Midbudget is the Safety 1st Advance SE and inexpensive is the Cosco Scenera Next (out early 2015)
  5. Best High Chair – easy fold and limited space – the Joovy Nook. Gorgeous showstopper is the Mima Moon
  6. Best Stroller – for everyday use love to Orbitbaby G3. Showstopper stroller is the Mima Xari in black and white. Jogger is the BOB, hands down. Umbrella – the Maclaren Quest.  Easy for traveling is the Britax B Agile. New favorite double is the Uppababy Vista 2015
  7. Best Pacifier – for babies LOVE the Wubbanub
  8. Best LullabyTwinkle Twinkle or Lullaby and Goodnight (my mom always sang that one to me)
  9. Best Baby Carrier – tie between lillebaby complete and the organic ergobaby.  Just depends on my mood!
  10. 10.  Best Diaper BagHideaway Hobo by Petunia Picklebottom or the Ju Jue Be BFF.

Rachel Pitzel is the co-founder of Club MomMe, the premiere destination for moms, expectant moms and families in LA, Orange County, Chicago, Houston and Chicago, and possibly in a city near you soon!  Rachel has appeared on E! Entertainment, interviewed several times on KOST FM and Best Mom Products, has a baby product show on BabyLeague, is a Skinny Scoop Tastemaker, and serves on committees for Baby Buggy, Healthy Child Healthy World and Junior League.

Club MomMe through their 6-10 monthly social and educational events, Club MomMe connects parents and expectant parents to the resources and experts in their community along with each other, the best products, places to shop, meet-up and more.  Each Club MomMe event features food, social time, a gift bag and amazing giveaways.  Club Momme has been featured on, won Red Tricycle‘s Best Parents Education Group in LA and Chicago, top Mompreneurs on Circle of Moms,, Right Start‘s Innovative Moms Series and more.

Check out Club MomMe’s upcoming events at Club and be sure to save November 3rd for a very special event for SoCal parents!


Is Your Protein Drink or Powder of Any Real Nutritional Benefit?

Back in the day, the only people you found gulping down protein drinks were big, hulking body builders (or those wanting to be big, hulking body builders).

Now, according to one nutrition industry expert, more than 60 percent of consumers are enhancing their diets with protein drinks and powders.

“Hundreds of protein powders and drinks have flooded into health food stores and supermarkets, marketed as dieting aids, meal replacements, energy and endurance boosters, sports recovery aids, and easily-absorbable sources of protein for athletes seeking to build muscle and strength,” says sports drink guru Anders Porter of Team Core Power. “We’re witnessing a global protein revolution.”

With so many protein products to choose from, Porter cautions consumers to beware, because, all protein drinks and powders are not ‘created equal.’

“The protein in a protein-supplement must be undamaged and bioavailable to be of nutritional benefit,” says Porter. “And with many products on the market, these basic requisites aren’t being met.”

“Because neither the FDA nor any other government agency routinely tests protein powders and drinks to assure ingredient quality, and because sometimes, even the prettiest labels can be misleading, unintentionally or intentionally, it makes sense for consumers to arm themselves with enough information to be able to ask retailers and manufacturers some hard questions before spending their cash on protein drinks and powders,” says Porter.

According to Porter, there are five key questions that health-conscious consumers should be asking about any protein drink or powder before they shake it up, pop-the-cap or chug the contents:

1.  What is the source of the protein; Plant or animal?

Animal proteins are more complete than plant proteins, as plant proteins are deficient in at least one nutritionally indispensable amino acid (IAA). IAAs cannot be created by our body and must be provided through food. Milk as a protein source contains all the IAA’s.

As a source of protein, milk has a biological value of 91-93, followed by soy with a biological value of 74, and wheat with a biological value of 64. Milk protein has a digestibility of 94-95 percent, compared to 91 percent for soy, 86 percent for wheat and 88 percent for rice protein.

2.  Has the protein been ‘heat dried’? 

Drying of protein powders by heat to increase shelf-life can cause the degradation of amino acids.This degradation process could continue during the storage of the powders. In one study, drying caused considerable reduction in protein quality by destroying biological availability of the essential amino acid, Lysine. If your protein drink contains heat-dried powders, you may be consuming damaged, nutritionally incomplete protein.

3.  Are the ingredients imported, or produced domestically?

You need to establish that the manufacturer can trace the origin of every ingredient used in his protein product. Ingredients imported in bulk from the cheapest source will lower production costs, but always at the expense of product potency and efficacy.

4.  Does the product contain artificial flavors, colors or preservatives?

Indigestible chemical flavorings, colorings, and preservatives create immune responses and will drain your body’s energy, not enhance it. Keep things natural.

5.  How much protein am I getting per serving?

Note the protein grams-per-serving count on the label. Count this against your daily protein intake requirements as established by The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. A 150lb individual, for instance, requires 60 grams for non-athletes, 90 grams for endurance athletes, 109 grams for strength athletes.* You can see that an individual’s daily protein requirements can nearly double depending on their level of activity.

Porter says a recent analysis of protein powders and drinks, by two independent testing laboratories, found that almost one-third of the products examined did not meet quality standards.*

“If what goes into your body is important to you, spend a few minutes researching the companies, their manufacturing techniques, their sources for ingredients, and their philosophy toward health and toward the consumer,” says Porter. “If a company doesn’t have those things posted and easily accessible, they’re probably not for you.”

Are Conventional Crayons Safe?

Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation Shares Tips for Back-to-School

Sometimes children do strange things, and eating crayons is one of them. With the back-to-school season here, many parents may wonder about conventional crayons: Are they safe?

As part of its Toxic Free Kids initiative, the Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation (CCRF) urges parents to consider both conventional crayons and alternative options. Crayons contain two elements: wax and pigment. Eating a small bit of crayon is generally harmless, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), but can become dangerous in large quantities if the indigestible wax creates an intestinal blockage. Eating crayons can also present a choking hazard.

Most crayons sold in the United States are certified non-toxic for children. In 1994, the federal government issued a recall for crayons made in China that were found to contain lead, and in 2000, two brands of crayons were found to contain what the federal government called “scientifically insignificant” amounts of asbestos. The possible danger in both of these cases is only present if a child eats a large number of crayons.

Currently, the Federal Hazardous Substances Act (FHSA) bans lead as an ingredient for any children’s product, including crayons. Crayola, the most largely recognized crayon brand in the United States, certifies all its products as non-toxic. If you still want to play it safe, however, there are plenty of “all natural” options to choose from. These crayons are generally made of beeswax or soy. Here are some places to buy “all natural” crayons:

Safety Tips:

  • If your child has a habit of eating non-edible things, watch them while coloring to ensure that he or she does not choke.
  • If your child eats a significant number of crayons and you are concerned:
    • Call a pediatrician and observe your child for a period of time to ensure that he or she has a regular bowel movement, or
    • Call your local poison control center at 1-800-222-1222 for advice
  • If your child is choking, call 911.

Our children’s early artistic experiences should be carefree.  The best bet to ensure your child has a safe and toxic-free experience is to follow the tips above. Happy coloring!

Sign our petition for a toxic free future.


Notable Guests Included Arnold Schwarzenegger, John C. Reilly, Jeff Goldblum,
Norman Lear, Emily VanCamp And Many More
On Saturday, October 18th, 2014, the Environmental Media Association’s (EMA) annual award show recognized several films and television programs for their outstanding contributions to environmental causes and green initiatives. This year’s event, which was held at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, CA, also kicked-off the organization’s yearlong 25th anniversary celebration.
In addition to the winners, a number of honorees were highlighted for their effort to encourage eco-conscious messaging and content in entertainment programming. Honorees included: the executive producers of the groundbreaking SHOWTIME® docu-series Years of Living Dangerously – Daniel Abbasi, Joel Bach, James Cameron, David Gelber, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jerry Weintraub and Maria Wilhelm – received the EMA Outstanding Achievement for Environmental Content Award; Fox Broadcasting Company (FOX) was distinguished with the EMA Green Production Award for producing the Fox Fall Eco-Casino Party; and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Dr. Enric Sala and the Pristine Seas Project was honored with the inaugural EMA Board of Directors Heroes Award.
Presented by Toyota and Lexus, the event was hosted by veteran Board member Ed Begley Jr. The show opened with a song from Hot in Cleveland’s Wendie Malick, who was joined by Castle’s Stana Katic and Begley Jr. Additionally, actors Malin Akerman and Rob Corddry entertained the audience, announcing the winner of one of Toyota’s first zero-emission fuel cell vehicles (FCV) in the U.S. following a $100 opportunity drawing. Lastly, Sharon Osbourne took to the stage to announce her decision to go green, inspired by her co-presenter and friend Sara Gilbert. The green carpet and the awards show were live-streamed on E! Online from the Steven J. Ross Theater on the Warner Bros. lot.
“Over the past 25 years, the Environmental Media Association has tirelessly worked alongside the entertainment community to influence awareness when it comes to our environment. I am honored and privileged to be part of this impactful organization for most of those 25 years,” said Ed Begley, Jr. “While we have seen many amazing changes in environmental content in television, film and now digital to greener productions from indies to summer blockbusters, we know that there is much work to be done, and we look forward to the next quarter century. EMA is a pioneer when it comes to education about environmental issues and truly that is what makes all the difference. Knowing the issues and taking small but meaningful steps is what EMA is all about. We have always believed in the power of the individual to help make our children’s future a cleaner and safer one.  We’re confident that media can motivate the public to rally together to make this happen.”
The evening was truly a green production as dinnerware was compostable and glassware was reusable. In addition, chef stations utilized local, seasonal and organic food, while many presenters and attendees wore green designers. Even leftover food was donated to a homeless shelter through the Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition.
Notable guests of the evening included Malin Akerman, Lance Bass, Joshua Bowman, Rob Corddry, Kristin Davis, Francesca Eastwood, Frances Fisher, Sara Gilbert, Jeff Goldblum, Daryl Hannah, Stana Katic, Norman Lear, Rachelle Lefevre, Angela Lindvall, Wendie Malick, Lamorne Morris, Sharon Osbourne, Dawn Olivieri, Nasim Pedrad, John C. Reilly, Raphael Sbarge, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Darby Stanchfield, Alison Sudol, Emily VanCamp, Karine Vanasse and many others.
The 2014 Environmental Media Award winners are as follows:
Feature Length Content:
WINNER: Disneynature Bears (Walt Disney Pictures)
Clear History (HBO)
Rio 2 (20th Century Fox)
Documentary Film:
WINNER: GMO OMG (Compeller Pictures)
Cesar’s Last Fast (Pivot)
Toxic Hot Seat (HBO Documentary Films)
Television Episodic Drama:
WINNER: Parenthood “All Aboard Who’s Coming Aboard” (NBC)
Castle “Time Will Tell” (ABC)
Revenge “Allegiance” (ABC)
Television Episodic Comedy:
WINNER: New Girl “Menus” (FOX)
House of Lies “Wreckage” (Showtime)
Modern Family “Under Pressure” (ABC)
Reality Television:
WINNER: Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey “A World Set Free” (FOX/National Geographic Channel)
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, “Episode 103” (HBO)
VICE, “Greenland is Melting” (HBO)
Children’s Television:
WINNER: Paw Patrol “Pups Save the Bay” (Nick Jr)
Cyberchase “Trash Creep” (PBS)
Doc McStuffins “Leilani’s Lu’au” (Disney Junior)
EMA Digital Video Award presented by TakePart
WINNER: “Should We All Be Eating Insects?” (AsapSCIENCE)
Producers: Gregory Brown, Mitchell Moffit
“On Begley Street: Episode 8 It All Falls Down”
Executive Producers: Billy Frank, Raphael Sbarge, Rachelle Carson
Producers: Ed Begley, Jr.
Director: Raphael Sbarge
“Science Fair Nightmare” (League of Conservation Voters)
Producers: Mik Moore, Moore and Associates, Monica Hampton, Peter Glatzer, SHFT
Director: Andy Cobb
Writer: Andy Cobb
Toyota and Lexus were presenting sponsors of the 2014 Environmental Media Awards. Premier sponsors Electronic Recyclers International, Gardein, Cindy & Alan Horn and Participant Media. Benefactor sponsors included The Glad Products Company, The Hess Collection, The Hollywood Reporter, Kellogg Garden Products, LAcarGUY Family of Dealerships, Lyn & Norman Lear, David Margulies, Arnold Rosenstein, New Pacific Realty Corporation, National Geographic, Naturepedic, Oneida Indian Nation, Showtime, Star Waggons, Thrive Market, Tiffany & Co., Variety, Waitt Foundation, The Walt Disney Company and World Wildlife Fund. Patron sponsors included: Captain Planet Foundation, ComcastINBCUniversal, Creative Artists Agency, E! Entertainment Television, Fox Entertainment Group, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sustainable Holdings. Other sponsors included Earth Friendly Products, Eel River Brewing Company, HBO, Horizon/Silk, Marc Friedland/Creative Intelligence, Medea Vodka, Paramount Pictures, Sauza 901 Tequila, Southern California Edison and VeeV.
Since their inception in 1991, the Environmental Media Awards have evolved into a prestigious event, honoring individuals and organizations, as well as films, television productions and their creative teams that increase public awareness of environmental issues.

How To Create Your Own Spooky Video

Nito’s Halloween characters is the funniest and easiest way to create spooky video messages to send to friends and family.
Available on all iOS devices, the Nito app allows users to line up their eyes, nose and mouth to embody fun and frightening Halloween characters that move and sound just like them.
Nito has avatars such as Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula, Vampire Queen, Wolfman, Zombie Man, Zombie Woman and Candy Corn Kid to choose from. Users can then create a 15-second video in their own voice or apply Voice FX to for creepy effects and share messages via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS and email.
Users can enter Nito’s contest to create the best Halloween videos. Contestants enter by sharing their videos on Twitter during the month of October with the hashtag #HalloweenisNito. The top three submissions will win a contract to create promo videos for Nito along with a $500 cash prize.
For additional information please

The Beautiful Faces Of Hope


Cancer claims over 1,500 lives every day. Prolonged exposure to environmental contaminants have been linked to the development of cancer in children, and yet surprisingly, there are still many toxins found in the products that we use everyday. Whether from food, toys, skincare, furniture, pesticides, bug repellents or paint, toxins and carcinogens find their way into our homes, and into our children’s growing bodies causing devastating effects.  There is a better alternative, and we wanted to do something about it, which is why we created The Beautiful Faces of Hope campaign.

At the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, we were able spend the day with some of these Faces, and their families. We were touched by all of their experiences, and moved by their incredible bravery. While at the hospital, we learned that these kids, have some very big dreams for their future: Dalilah, who has Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), dreams of being a Beauty Queen; Fernando, who has Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma (ALL), dreams of being Spiderman; Jacob, who has Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF Type 1), dreams of being a Motocross Champion; Grace, who has Ph+ Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (Ph+ ALL) dreams of being a ninja; Laylah, who has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), dreams of being a chef; and Khloe, who has Retinoblastoma, dreams of being a veterinarian.  So we decided to turn their big dreams, into a reality.

We partnered with photographer and founder of the Anything Can Be Project, Jon Diaz, to do a fantasy photo shoot where each of them were able to live out their dream. Their stunning portraits are a testament to the bravery, strength and adventure of every child who confronts the devastating diagnosis of cancer. They are all heroes fighting for every day, and we are proud to fight alongside with them.

For more information about the Beautiful Faces of Hope campaign, visit

Pacific Baby Giveaway

We all know that plastic items exist in great quantities all around us, but do you know how bad it is for your health?

In our efforts to help you eliminate plastic feeding gear from your life, this week we’ve teamed up with Pacific Baby and we are offering one lucky winner a 7oz 3-in-1 Bottle with  Straw Top.

How to enter:

Simply fill out the form below and you are all set! You can get extra entries by sharing and commenting on Fb and twitter!

Good Luck!


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BORIS KODJOE Actor, Husband, and Dad to Sophie & Nicolas By Ariane Moore


NCW:  Thank you for taking a moment to speak with NCW Magazine.  You are so busy right now, can you talk a little about some of the exciting projects that you are working on, and what we can look forward to from you this year?

BK: There’s the feature film Addicted, a suspenseful drama about sexualaddiction[intheaters now]; Of course, we have Season 3 of Real Husbands of Hollywood [airing now on BET]; and I just signed on to do a new one-hour ABC show entitled The Club about all the drama and scandal between the haves and have-nots in a Country Club.

NCW: How do you balance your family life with being in the public eye?

BK: There’s no balancing. My family is my one and only priority. Everything else comes second.

NCW: How would your children describe you as a parent?

BK: Sophie & Nico said, “Nice, strong, protective, caring, full of muscles with an itchy beard.”

NCW: Name one TV dad that you think you are most like.

BK: Bill Cosby. A mixture of bad cop and secret ally.

NCW: Describe one of the biggest challenges that you have encountered thus far as a father? How did you overcome that challenge?

BK: Balancing being protective and yet trusting. I want to make sure they’re safe and self-sufficient at the same time. I want them growing up aware, but not scared of the world. Yesterday I let them go into the sandwich shop by themselves. They ordered their special sandwiches and chips and drinks (very specific these two – One doesn’t like mayo, the other likes onions.). They paid for their food, said thank you and came back outside while the cashier was giving me the thumbs up through the window. This little experiment sent my wife over the edge in the car but she realized it gave them confidence in their ability to navigate the world while giving me confirmation that I can trust them with making good choices.

NCW:  What is one thing that you learned from your father, that you would like to pass on to your children?

BK: Always listen, do your best, and have a good time.

NCW: If you could give soon-to-be fathers one piece of advice what would it be?

BK:  Presents can’t replace your presence. You just have to show up!

NCW: Have you ever said to your kids, “Don’t tell mom”?  If so, what was the reason / adventure / mishap that prompted those words?

BK: I can’t share that information without incriminating myself, but it had to do with a huge bottle of bubble bath, an overflowing bathtub, and a foam party.

NCW: Finish the following sentence:  Fatherhood made me…

BK: Into a man with a true purpose and the only legacy that matters to me – my children.

Be sure to catch Boris Kodjoe in his new movie Addicted in theaters now, and in Season 3 of Real Husbands of Hollywood airing now on BET.