Available next year: Fully- Functioning recycled Cardboard bike


Environmental enthusiasts will soon have the option to ride in sustainable style– on two cardboard wheels that is. Soon to be available to the public is a fully – functioning bike made completely from recycled cardboard.

Izhar Gafni, a biking fanatic from Israel, had the idea after over hearing a conversation in a bicycle shop about a cardboard canoe.

According to Gafni, “I went home and then it sort of disturbed me…This canoe made of cardboard is sitting in the back of my head and I couldn’t let go, and suddenly it just struck my mind: Why not make a bicycle out of cardboard?”

But what is a crazy idea without the support of an encouraging wife? Gafni said that “she looked at me and gave me that look and then she said, ‘I know you. If you’re not going to try it, you’re going to drive yourself crazy. And then you’re going to drive me crazy. And then you’re going to drive the entire family crazy – so just go ahead and try it’”.

And that is what Gafni did, for three years, even after being told by three different engineers that it simply could not be done.

Following three years of trials and testing’s, Gafni ultimately showed all of those who said that it could not done that they were wrong.

Available for purchase next year, these cardboard bicycles can support up to 485 pounds and are sealed with a coating that keeps the cardboard from breaking down while doubling as a beautiful finish.

As amazing as the concept of a cardboard bike is, what seems to almost shadow its material is its price. To manufacture the bike costs only $9 to $12. Which translates into a selling price of $60 to $90.

To view the short documentary about Gafni click HERE.


Sources: Good Business

Photo Credit: Green Prophet