AXION Recycled Plastic Railroad Ties Provide Path to Cleaner Environment


As an environmental fight rages on in Washington D.C. over a recent proposed EPA ruling that would allow – among other things — toxic creosote-treated rail ties to be incinerated, AXION International Holdings presents an alternative path forward. The EPA’s ruling – which would amend the Non-Hazardous Secondary Materials regulation, or NHSM) comes despite the regulator’s identification of coal tar creosote as a hazardous waste and probable human carcinogen, which when incinerated is released into the air. AXION’s ECOTRAX® rail ties, which have been used to build the world’s first recycled plastic railroad, are made from 100% recycled materials that offer superior durability, a higher return on investment and do not leak toxins when re-recycled or when wet.  ECOTRAX® have been tested and installed around the world by major railways and transit systems including Class I U.S. rail roads, one of the largest rail ways in Europe, and industrial railways for mining.

To see how AXION’s alchemy transforms garbage into plastic railroad ties and other construction materials, click here: