BORIS KODJOE Actor, Husband, and Dad to Sophie & Nicolas


NCW:  Thank you for taking a moment to speak with NCW Magazine.  You are so busy right now, can you talk a little about some of the exciting projects that you are working on, and what we can look forward to from you this year?

BK: There’s the feature film Addicted, a suspenseful drama about sexualaddiction[intheaters now]; Of course, we have Season 3 of Real Husbands of Hollywood [airing now on BET]; and I just signed on to do a new one-hour ABC show entitled The Club about all the drama and scandal between the haves and have-nots in a Country Club.

NCW: How do you balance your family life with being in the public eye?

BK: There’s no balancing. My family is my one and only priority. Everything else comes second.

NCW: How would your children describe you as a parent?

BK: Sophie & Nico said, “Nice, strong, protective, caring, full of muscles with an itchy beard.”

NCW: Name one TV dad that you think you are most like.

BK: Bill Cosby. A mixture of bad cop and secret ally.

NCW: Describe one of the biggest challenges that you have encountered thus far as a father? How did you overcome that challenge?

BK: Balancing being protective and yet trusting. I want to make sure they’re safe and self-sufficient at the same time. I want them growing up aware, but not scared of the world. Yesterday I let them go into the sandwich shop by themselves. They ordered their special sandwiches and chips and drinks (very specific these two – One doesn’t like mayo, the other likes onions.). They paid for their food, said thank you and came back outside while the cashier was giving me the thumbs up through the window. This little experiment sent my wife over the edge in the car but she realized it gave them confidence in their ability to navigate the world while giving me confirmation that I can trust them with making good choices.

NCW:  What is one thing that you learned from your father, that you would like to pass on to your children?

BK: Always listen, do your best, and have a good time.

NCW: If you could give soon-to-be fathers one piece of advice what would it be?

BK:  Presents can’t replace your presence. You just have to show up!

NCW: Have you ever said to your kids, “Don’t tell mom”?  If so, what was the reason / adventure / mishap that prompted those words?

BK: I can’t share that information without incriminating myself, but it had to do with a huge bottle of bubble bath, an overflowing bathtub, and a foam party.

NCW: Finish the following sentence:  Fatherhood made me…

BK: Into a man with a true purpose and the only legacy that matters to me – my children.

Be sure to catch Boris Kodjoe in his new movie Addicted in theaters now, and in Season 3 of Real Husbands of Hollywood airing now on BET.

Article from The Daddy Issue 2014