Boxed Water


By Anna Vorontsova


“Part sustainable water company, part art project, part philanthropic project, and completely curious.”

Re-imagining bottled water and thinking around the box rather than outside of the box landed this company with a brilliant boxed idea! Tap water is better for the environment; but, Boxed Water is taking a step closer to revolutionizing the water bottle industry and changing the way we can provide more sustainably engineered portable water.

How is Boxed Water sustainable? 

Trees, a renewable resource, make about 76% of the box, and the trees come from well managed and certified forests that replant. To lower their carbon footprint the boxes are recyclable and shipped flat to their filler. Sustainability and giving back to the environment is important so they give 10% of their profit to world water relief foundations and another 10% of their profit is donated to reforestation foundations. The water is carbon-filtered and from the municipal source at each of their filler facilities.

The innovative water bottles are gentler on the environment than plastic bottles. Boxed Water states, “[Their] goal has two parts: First, create a product for a growing market (bottled water) that lessens the environmental impact and gives back a bit – which simply makes us ‘better’ as we say, and a step in the right direction. Second, Boxed Water Is Better is an ever growing and adapting project. R&D is core to everything we do and we’ve committed to constantly exploring new technology to lessen the impact of the portable water market while always giving back. “

According to Boxed Water, embarking on changing the water bottle comes with challenges, “We kind of started with the approach of looking at an already simple product and wanting to make it a little better. As a company, we knew we wanted to be more efficient and sustainable while making sure to give back through a philanthropic arm. Being a small start-up in a industry that’s represented by a few large players, we don’t quite have the economies of scale and spent a lot of our time designing a package that would stand out naturally while conveying some of the values listed above. We’re still a pretty small team and view ourselves as just getting over the initial hump of being an option when consumers are buying bottled water. Our goal is to continue growing our availability while finding regional filling to cut down on transportation and remain sustainable. 2012 has already been an incredible year with introducing Boxed Water is Better to Arizona, New York City, Dallas, Austin, and Ft. Worth and it’s hard to believe that there’s still 6 months left. ”

To find Boxed Water in your area and more information, please take a look HERE .