CHALK Preschool Online Makes Education Accessible To Everyone


Quality early education program now free online so all children can get a head start 

In response to President Obama’s call for a universal early education initiative, the growing body of research that shows how vital preschool learning is for kids later in life and the lack of resources to fulfill this aim, CHALK Preschool Online announced  that their innovative preschool program is available online at no cost.  The CHALK Preschool Online curriculum is based on the successful program developed and tested in their brick-and-mortar schools in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Research by James Heckman, one of the nation’s top economists studying human development, confirms that early education has a profound effect on a child’s life. It improves their cognitive abilities and success in college, as well as setting them up to earn a higher income.  It also influences behavioral traits, such as sociability, motivation and self-esteem and has been shown to lower incarceration rates.

Too often quality preschool programs that deliver these benefits are available only to families who can afford to send their children to a school like the CHALK Preschools in Chicago and Los Angeles. Now that quality curriculum is freely available online to any family who wants to give their child a jump-start in life.

The website offers a hands-on educational experience that incorporates art, laughter and the imparting of knowledge in a safe and inspirational online preschool setting.  With over 8,000 videos exclusively produced for the program, every day of the week provides a new step in a continuing educational journey. Motor skills are encouraged by dancing along to original songs that reflect the learning standards. Core subjects are introduced and then re-enforced through developmentally appropriate, hands-on activities.

The daily calendar is structured into a complete school day with multiple lessons in literacy, math, science and art.  Lessons are made easy with the materials checklists. The structure of the program simplifies life for busy parents giving them the flexibility to work with their children as time permits.

Another feature of the CHALK Preschool Online program is that with the use of screen-sharing out-of-state grandparents, or loved ones serving oversees, can participate in these activities and be take an active role in the child’s early education.

Now that CHALK Preschool is available online at no cost, every child has access to a quality preschool education.

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