Cooking By Design

Sweet Marys Apples

Sweet Mary’s Signature Chocolate-Caramel Apples

- 15 Large Organic Fuji Apples

- 15 Wooden Apple Sticks

- 1 5-pound brick of Peter’s Caramel

- 2.5 pounds of Milk Chocolate Wafers

- 1 pound of Colored Chocolate to Drizzle (You can find this at Michael’s in the baking section. I use 3 colors usually, white, pink and red.)

- 3 Squeeze Bottles

- 15 Cellophane Bags with Ribbon


Wash apples and dry completely.


Insert wooden stick into the core of apple… This is tricky!

Look at the way the apple is sitting and then adjust the

stick so it is straight.


Cut caramel into 15 pieces. Use a cutting board that is

wrapped in Saran Wrap, the caramel is very sticky. Roll

out each piece and wrap the apple.


Melt chocolate in microwave in 30-second intervals,

stirring between each 30 seconds. Dip apples and set on

Saran Wrapped counter, let dry.


Melt colored chocolate the same way then pour into the

plastic bottles and decorate each apple.


When completed and fully dry, place in bags and wrap

with your favorite ribbon!!