Creative Picture Book Proclaims the Honor of Working AND Being a Mom


Working mom offers heartwarming reassurance to young ones that they remain her top priority, no matter where her work takes her each day.

In her colorfully illustrated book for preschoolers titled Where Does Mommy Go?, author Shelley Hallier highlights the attributes of curiosity, imagination, and playfulness while offering an important message of love and reassurance.

After all, what exactly does Mommy do when she leaves for work each day? Where does she go? Is she having wonderful adventures? From a child’s perspective, this creative picture book explores an assortment of possibilities, some of which are more realistic than others.

Does Mommy work in a kitchen somewhere, mixing up new dishes? Is she a magician? Does she take care of sick kids? Perhaps she drives a taxi, or works in an office, or in a boxing ring. Maybe she spends her days catching giant fish!

In its heartwarming conclusion, Where Does Mommy Go? reassures kids that no matter where Mommy goes or what she is doing, spending time with her beloved children is her favorite activity of all.

Hallier comments, “I’ve been a working mom for nineteen years. I wrote this book right after delivering twins in 2007, for fellow working moms to share with their small children. I wrote the story from the perspective of a child, but the message is one that resonates with moms and kids alike.”