620x403 features DAD

In celebration of Father’s Day, NATURAL CHILD WORLD took a glimpse behind the scenes at six modern dads and how their fathers influenced their lives in positive ways. Included in the Daddy Issue, these black and white photos were a fun and playful incite into the world of these high-rolling dads and their children.

Here are a few more images from the photo shoot and quotes by their cool kids that didn’t fit in the issue, but simply had to be shared.


Name: Matt Petersen with son Aidan, 10.

Before the shoot began NCW had a chance to sit down with Matt and Aidan Petersen to get to know them a little bit better.

Matt: So Aidan what do I do for a living?

Aidan: Well, you’re an environmentalist for a company called global green, you travel a lot, do a lot of good things for the world and you’re awesome.

Matt: Alright Aidan, here’s the big question… What do I do to embarrass you?

Aidan said “When he sings weird made-up songs in the car or at school, it’s really really embarrassing”.

Matt: Do I still do that?

Aidan: Sometimes!

Matt: What is one thing you’ve learned from me?

Aidan: You taught me how to play basketball, which is a big thing because I love basketball now, and supported me with soccer.

Matt: What’s something that I’ve told you that you remember that’s important in life?

Aidan: Be honest.

Matt: What makes me cool?

Aidan: You supported all of my ideas and are just an awesome dad”.


Name: Jon Amiel with sons Luke, 11 & Max, 8

Jon: What’s the funniest thing you remember from watching me working on the set of Borgais?

Max: I remember when the guy was holding the [boom mic]… and he put it down, it was really funny, because they put it down too much and it got in the way of stuff. They quickly put it up, it was really funny.

Luke: I remember when you were working in London or Ireland, and you were working on creation. There was a giant hay stack fort, it was like 20 feet tall and had tons of little passage ways. I forget who climbed on top of it, but the whole thing collapsed on me.

Jon: What do I do to annoy you?

Luke: You are so good at hiding from us and sneaking up on us, but that’s a fun annoying.

Jon: What was one thing you learned from me?

Luke: How to get really good at ping pong.

Max: I remember when I was in kindergarten or preschool and you taught me how to tie my shoes.

Jon: This is true, except why do I have to tie them so often if I taught you so well!

Max: You don’t!


Name: Oscar Luna with son Rio Luna, 5.