The journey to the perfect piece at Kalon Studios starts with the name: Kalon, an ancient Greek concept of perfect beauty. For the Greeks, “kalon” was more than just aesthetic beauty, it was a concept of a beauty that both embodied and inspired excellence.

Kalon Studios, an emerging design studio that produces key pieces for the home and the nursery, took this meaning to heart and translated it into products that aren’t only beautiful in form but beautiful in concept as well.
“Frank Lloyd Wright believed that buildings had a profound impact on the individual. That the moment a person enters a space they’re profoundly altered by that space. He believed that good architecture should and could give back to the people who inhabit it. We believe this too. Deeply. The objects people choose to surround themselves with have a deep impact on daily life. They say a lot about us. They teach us about who we are. They change how we move through space. We want our furniture to give back to the people who use it. All of this, is kalon,” says Michaele Simmering, co-founder with her husband Johann Pauwen of one of the most innovative and influential sustainable design companies in the world.

Kalon Studios creations are beautiful. From the functionality to aesthetics, every element works perfectly together to create a balance that the eye perceives as effortless beauty. And their creators take the concept side of kalon seriously.

Launching in 2007, at a time when most of us were just learning the word “green”, Kalon Studios came to market with a full-blown model of sustainability. Kalon Studios’ commitment to sustainability is not just in the choice of the raw materials used that are renewable, biodegradable, non-toxic and food safe, but also in its approach to design: “We consider ourselves designers first. Design is about more than the way something looks. It’s the materials used. Where and how it was made. It’s about the choices that were made from the inception to the production. In this day and age, if it’s not sustainable it’s not good design. If it’s not sustainable, what’s the point?” says Johann.

“For us, sustainability centers on the idea of balance, of giving as much as we take, be it through economics, the environment or on the everyday human level,” says Michaele. “When we started, we wanted to do great work that we could be proud of and that meant thinking outside of the box. We had to invent as we went along cause a lot of what was out there just didn’t meet our standards. We’ve pushed our vendors to deliver materials that were far greener than what was originally offered, far greener than the popular standard.

Ultimately, we want to offer people the highest quality products and great design. Consumers shouldn’t have to feel like they need to sacrifice design or quality for ideals. It’s also important that businesses take up the harder, ethical decisions so that the consumer can simply enjoy the piece.”

Each Kalon piece is essential, linear, yet intrinsically complex in its conception. Such is the case with the newly launched Hut-Hut Kids a playful reinterpretation of the rocking horse.

Hut-Hut (Giddy-up for Camels) is made of 100% recycled sustainable resin and comes in five bright colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink.

“In order to achieve these vibrant colors we went through a lot of trial and error,” says Johann. “Typically using recycled materials means muddy colors and so the application is for industrial goods, not for consumer goods where manufacturers and consumers look for pure, bright material. We worked with our manufacturer to develop a system that could deliver vibrant colors using 100% recycled material. This is a huge leap for them because they can now offer this to all of their customers, giving them a greener option. We’re really proud of this achievement because it’s not only given us a great product but it’s helped to shift the industry in a more sustainable direction.”
Most of Kalon’s creations are a perfect blend of classic and modern, making use of both the newest and oldest methods and materials. One of our favorite among their nursery range: the Caravan Collection.

Inspired by the storybook circus wagon, the Caravan Crib plays with classic form and contemporary, ultra-bold colors. Thoughtfully considered, the Caravan Crib meets modern parent’s needs: Safety (solid construction, stationary sides, conforms to the highest safety standards and 100% visibility of your child from all sides), Green (fully sustainable and made from the highest quality FSC Certified domestic Maple and with 100% non-toxic and/or food safe materials + finishes), Practical (adjustable mattress height and toddler bed conversion), Great Design (modern form, contemporary palate, lots of options) and Domestically Made in the U.S.A.

The Caravan crib comes in 100% raw maple or with Black, Red, Yellow, Blue or Green rails for the ultimate in pop, contemporary design.

Since last fall, Kalon has released a dazzling new product every month. Michaele and Johann promise that they have no intent of slowing down. While the world sorts out the meaning of words and the direction of ‘progress’, Kalon Studios is blazing ahead and what a beautiful trail it is.

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