Entertaining for the Holidays

Lasagna FinalSmall

By Christina Ross

Since holidays are a time for celebrating why not celebrate the life that food provides for our existence? Try making your favorite holiday dish in a new and inspiring way simply by using raw ingredients as substitutes for your conventional ones. When you share your new creation with loved ones you will also be able to share knowledge with them about the healthful ingredients used in your delicious recipe. Give the gift of nourishment and knowledge this holiday season, both will last a lifetime and you wont have to worry about anyone not liking their gift.

When preparing raw foods for the Holidays keep in mind to use seasonal produce for best taste, color and nutritional value. You can make many red and green colored dishes using fresh fruits and vegetables such as a raw vegan lasagna, which consists of zucchini for the “pasta”, macadamia nuts for the “ricotta”, tomatoes and basil for the “sauce”. Garnish this dish with red cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs such as rosemary and oregano and there you have it, a beautiful, delicious and festive lasagna that your guests will absolutely enjoy!

Desserts are a holiday staple and any dessert that can be created conventionally can be created raw. Get in the kitchen and get creative with your resources such as nuts, seeds, spices and fruits. When entertaining keep the preparation simple and fun, use tools such as a mandoline slicer to help with cutting the vegetables and the prep time. If you don’t have a mandoline slicer put it on your holiday list you won’t regret it especially when creating recipes like apple streusel, this recipe is simple, nutritious and delicious making it the perfect treat for entertaining in the raw.

What better way to bring more cheer into the Holiday season than to create meals that are full of love and abundant energy through nature’s bounty. Preparing foods in their raw uncooked and unprocessed state allow our foods to provide us with more nutrition translating into more energy and vitality. Spread the joy of this season through the art of raw food preparation with your family.

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