Exclusive Q&A With The Kind Mama – Alicia Silverstone


NCW:  What would you advise for being a Kind Daddy? 

AS: But there is so much that they can do, I mean from how they eat, in terms of their quality of sperm, because you want the real good strong ones, not the whimpy ones.  So you want that to be very healthy in terms of what they are providing in that department if you are trying to get pregnant.  And when a woman is pregnant there are so many ways for their partner to support, and to care for mom-to-be, and be a part of it. And then once the baby is born…there’s lots to do.

NCW:  How would you say your life has changed since becoming a mama?

A.S: But how has it changed…you can be so focused with your baby like when I’m with him nothing else in the world matters and time escapes me.  I can be with him for like two or three hours, just him and I,  completely connected, and I’m not doing anything else but being with him, and it feels like maybe a half hour went by, and I’m like ‘how did three hours go by?!’  On the flip side of that, is when you have work to do and you’ve now got only an hour instead of a day…your time has shrunk.

NCW:  How do you juggle it all? What advice do you have for other working moms trying to balance everything?

AS: I think that all of the principals in The Kind Mama will set you up so that you are resolved about the kind of mom that you want to be, and when you know the kind  of mommy you want to be, once you have read all of the information, and made the choices then you are so resolved in that, that it really becomes quite effortless to plan…  You know you’re nourished and you are eating well, so you are present with your child, and then you balance that with having to go do your work too. Whatever it is, and providing that work is fulfilling you and stimulating you and really provides a purpose.  Whether it’s absolute financial need or if it’s just because you love it and your projects make you happy and they change the world.

It’s just the balance of it all and making sure that whatever time that you do have in your life, to make sure that you are spending your time where you really  want to be.  If you love being with your child, then be with your child, and make the time for it. I think the main thing is not doing other things, like when I’m with Bear, I’m with Bear.  I mean of course sometimes we do laundry together, we do the dishes together, we cook together and all those things, but there’s a lot of times when I am just with him, I’m with him, watching him, being with him and available to him so that he is seen and he gets to have that quality time.

NCW:  If there was one thing that women could take away from the book, what would you want that thing to be?

AS: I want women to come away knowing that they really can have a blissful pregnancy, and that they can get pregnant with ease, and that they can have a  truly healthy child without all of the things that we have accepted as normal. And that there is a difference, there’s a huge difference, between the average child and the average person’s health versus following this path.  I want women to be their most nourished, their healthiest.  I want them to be the strongest that they can possibly be, so that they can do all of those things, and can get pregnant easily, and have that beautiful pregnancy and have the healthiest child.  And remember, being a mama requires every morsel of your being. I mean it is going to tap you in every single aspect, all of you is consumed by this baby.  So you want to be as present and available for every precious moment of that, and this lifestyle, this path that I’m setting up for you will make it so that you can be – not only for your kids sake, but for your sake.

NCW:  I love the recipes in the Kind Mama. Which recipe is your favorite?

The Sausage and Sweet Potato Hash with kale and smoked Field Roast Sausages is so delicious.  I like using the white sweet potatoes, not the yellow ones, I mean of course both would be good, but I just prefer the white flesh and then the kale, its just so good.

NCW:  How would you describe your pregnancy.  What was the worst part and what was the best part?

I was so happy and I didn’t have any of the stuff that people think are normal.  My husband would have people say to him, “Is she so hormonal?” and he would say, “not at all she’s really happy. Super balanced and happy”.  They would say, “isn’t she dying for the baby to come out?” That’s what

NCW:  How would you say your life has changed since becoming a mama?

So I always think, ‘My goodness! If I wasn’t eating well I know how I would be.’ There is so much ease because of the choices that you make with your food.  I just feel it is so important that women know that… If you eat well, you sleep well, and if you sleep well you can pretty much manage anything, and that’s the real key, and it goes in that order the way you eat is the most important thing.


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