FARM CAMP at Highland Spring Resorts


Their Mission:

To educate and inspire our future leaders by engaging hands, mind, and heart towards stewardship and connection with nature.

In a world where technology is always competing for the attention of our kids, Highland Springs Resort is passionate about teaching future generations about sustainability, where their food comes from, and healthy ways of living with a hands-on approach to teaching about animals and farming.

Collecting organic chicken eggs. Picking organic vegetables. Feeding cows, pigs, llamas and lambs. Harvesting lavender. Creating farm-to-table meals. With a hands-on approach to learning about animals and farming, the annual Farm Camp invites kids ages seven to thirteen to become part of life on the farm and learn about where their food comes from.

Each morning begins with hands-on animal care and a fun activity introducing the day’s curriculum. Kids are encouraged to ask questions, get involved, touch and explore the world around them.

Farm camp is geared towards introducing new ideas and concepts to kids and allowing them to expand on their knowledge through creative games, activities and learning opportunities.

Campers will get to interact with sheep, llamas, pigs, cows, farm dogs, chickens and chicks. The importance of sustainability and the role of agriculture in their lives is emphasized. Garden exploration is followed by a harvest for the end of week cooking class and a hands-on lesson about how to save seeds for future gardens at home.