Feng Shui Can Help You Reach Your Life Goals

Zen Stones

 “The light is what guides you home, the warmth is what keeps you there.”  ~Ellie Rodriguez

The word “Feng Shui” pronounced ˈfəNG ˈSHwē,-SHwā/ is an ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China. It is a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure health and good fortune for people inhabiting it.

Here are four tips that will help your home be your secret weapon that support your reaching your life goals.

1. In any room, the chair facing the entrance imbues a sense of importance on the person sitting there. Thus, when you want to be listened and paid attention to choose a chair facing the entrance door.

Reason: One of our brain stem’s automatic reactions is “fight and flight’ which allows us to react to dangers without having to process the response. We simply react. Because survival is a primary instinct there are many things we subconsciously do that make survival more likely. Even though most of us don’t live with personal dangers, we without realizing it know that to see the entrance of a room from the position we might be gives us the best chance to react to danger. Thus, we feel more empowered in that position and if others are there they experience the person in that position as important.

2. To energize yourself, be sure to engage all of the five senses. Consider that most of us go outside when we want to feel alive or refreshed. What exists outdoors is that there is always sometime to see, hear, smell touch and movement. Thus, if you replicate these sensorial experiences inside, you will be creating a space that energizes.

Reason: our senses are our windows to the world. The more we use our different senses, the broader our response is. Most of us use sight as the primary aesthetic driver in our homes. If we do it’s like having a house with a half dozen windows and blocking all but one off

3. If you have an area where concentration is required, which could be a desk, or a hobby surface, make sure there are reflective objects and bright lights near that area.

Reason: The eye is naturally attracted to light and will seek highly lit or shiny materials, thus you will not only be drawn to that spot, but will likely linger there longer.

4. If you want to encourage conversation in a gathering space, be sure to have chairs positioned at right angles.

Reason: Sitting at a right angle affords us a sense of security since our vital organs are not directly exposed. If you have ever observed people in conversation at a party, you often see woman talking to each other at with their bodies positioned at right angles. Men, who tend to be more aggressive, often speak to each other belly to belly or facing each other directly. I invite you to walk up to someone today and try these two positions when conversing. You will experience how more comfortable it is to speak at right angles. Moreover, sitting at right angles affords us the respite of being able to comfortably look in more directions, releasing any pressure one can feel when required to look directly into another’s eyes without a respite.

The Importance of Colors

Colors can alter your mood. It’s important to play around with colors to find the right balance for you. Here’s a quick color to mood chart for reference:

Red: Passion, power, stimulation, and high energy. (Suggestions: dining room, bedroom, or upholstery)

Orange: Creativity, happiness, enthusiasm, and communication. (Suggestions: accenting, throw-overs, or pillows)

Yellow: Cheerfulness, light-heartedness, and mental stimulation. (Suggestions: kitchens, not bedrooms)

Green: Growth, harmony, nature, safety, peace, and healing (Suggestions: bedroom, bathroom, or office)

Blue: Trust, loyalty, confidence, faith (Suggestions: accents around the house and in bedroom)

Purple: Romance, luxury, nobility, wealth, spirituality, and motivation (Suggestions: bedroom)

Black: Power, independence (Suggestions: picture frames)

Brown: Stability, humility (Suggestions: living room)

White: Cleanliness, vibrancy (Use sparingly; too much white can feel cold)

Use this as a general reference and then play around. Look at a color, its various tones, and notice your mood. Have fun and mix and match. The idea is to use colors to your advantage instead of letting colors control you.