Fidget Freely


Children fidget, and squirm, but did you also know they learn? A study published in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology by researcher Mark Rapport shows that allowing kids to move in their seats actually tends to facilitate learning rather than hinder it.

In protest of those movement hampering, classic, wooden, grade school chairs that have plagued our energetic children for years German designer, Konstaintin Grcic, and German furniture manufacturer, Flötotto, have collaborated to create the ‘Pro Chair’.

The Pro Chair, which was recently in show at the Imm Cologne 2012,is specifically designed to ergonomically support an extensive array of seating positions. The curved seat does not limit the user to only sitting forward and the rounded backrest is designed to maximize the number of seating postures. The backrest curves into the lumbar area and offers a small rim at the top, which is capable of being used  as an armrest for users who would rather sit sideways, or as head support for those who like to slouch in their seats.

Composed of malleable polypropylene, an entirely recyclable material, the chairs are light weight which in turn means lower manufacturing and transportation cost.

The Pro Chair is offered in three sizes ( for elementary, middle, and high school children), it is available in six colors, and now available for purchase in the United States.


Photos by Oliviero Toscani