Recycling Made Simple for a Greener Summer



Recycling Made Simple for a Greener Summer

By Anna Vorontsova

Soda cans. Plastic forks and spoons. Barbecues. 4th of July and summer gatherings make this time of year not exactly the most eco-friendly time of the year!

Recycling can become a hassle when your at a barbecue or hosting a family get together. A new award winning line of Flings, a pop-up recycling bin, allows recycling to be easy and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. A unique way to recycle for the summer holiday and on a daily basis at home to reduce environmental impact! The recycling containers are portable, easy to snap open, simple to carry, stable and decorative. An array of sizes and unique designs can be found to provide a more delightful recycling experience. Separating recyclables becomes more organized and easier with the Fling bins.

Based on a study from the Nielsen Company for 4th of July, more than 240 million cases of carbonated beverages are bought and over 23 million cases of beer. The number of cans and plastic bottles not recycled on 4th of July is quite high and could be easily changed with a simple solution such as the Fling bins!

For your next gathering, summer barbecue or picnic, be sure to grab your fling bin to carry with you this summer to make recycling simple and chic!

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