Q&A with the CEO of GREEN STEPS MEDIA, Barbara Manconi, on helping MOMpreneurs get their ideas off the ground.


From Mom to MomPreneur


BM: Motherhood is a magical time. So many changes in our lives: our bodies, our minds, our hearts, our outlook on life, our priorities and without failing during this time moms will come up with an idea, or, what am I saying,…a million ideas!

Mothers are the backbone of our industry and I mean as a nation. I have been working with MOMpreneurs for the past eight years and I realized that moms are the ones driving innovation and paving the way to a more sustainable future. Throughout the years, I have realized that more moms would find the courage to make their ideas happen if only they had a “push”, or a launch pad,  to help them get started.

NCW: How many moms are in business today?

BM: 96% of women in business are moms and 15 million are entrepreneurs, executives and CEOs. Many women started businesses after they had children because they see untapped needs. U.S. wholesale revenues for prenatal through preschool items (excluding food and apparel) exceeded $2.97 billion last year and it seems to be a recession proof industry according to the latest data from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.

NCW: Where do moms find the time to manage a start up business and a family?

BM: More high-profile female entrepreneurs are showing that they can start a successful company, and have a family. Although it is never easy, the flexibility of being a mom in business has its perks, especially when the business has to do with children, because you have your prime prospects, focus groups and word of mouth tools readily available.

NCW: What kinds of tools does the MOMMY LAUNCH PAD™ offer?

BM: Mommy Launch Pad offers MOMpreneurs a 360° platform from start to finish: from brand identity and cost effective marketing strategies, to media placement and distribution channels. We are able to tap into the power of numbers and create synergies among our clients and assets to maximize our clients’ exposure and investment while providing a very personalized service. We are also working on HOW TO videos to teach moms how to register their domains, open their blogs, build their website, implement an effective SEO and more.

NCW: What is the most common mistake MOMpreneurs make?

BM: Fear and procrastination. Moms, especially if they have no previous experience being an entrepreneur, are paralyzed by the unknown, the ‘what ifs’, and the fear of failure. This is why we have created the MOMMY LAUNCH PAD™, to support MOMpreneurs in those first steps that are so crucial. It’s like when you decide to go on a diet, if you have a partner to do it with, you are 50% more likely to succeed.

NCW: What are the advantages of being a MOMpreneur?

BM: Time and flexibility. I have talked to so many moms, and across the board it’s the same insight: ‘I want to work and be independent, but I also want to spend time with my children and dedicate time to my family.’ Being your own boss can grant moms that time and flexibility. Most likely when they launch a company they will have the opportunity to work from home and to be there for breastfeeding or for the first step. Also what we call in marketing terms “consumer immersion” it will be a given for moms, because this is second nature for them, they are the consumers, they intuitively know their prospects, where in any other industry, situation or endeavor this means hours of costly market research and analysis. Think about it, when you’re a mom and you get the solution to something, don’t you just tell everybody?

NCW: How much does daddy’s support influence the decision of MOMpreneurs to actually ‘go for it’?

BM: It’s crucial. Start up money may need to come from a family’s savings, 401Ks, IRAs. It must be a family decision. For women in particular, having their partner believe and support their idea and decision is essential in terms of self-esteem, confidence and peace of mind knowing that they are not alone. Honestly the companies that succeed are the ones where somehow the daddy actively supports the business with his expertise, whether being an advisor part-time or full-time.

From a sociological perspective MOMpreneurship is re-shaping the family dynamic and family roles. I met so many moms during trade shows, whose hubbies were at home watching the kids while they were on the road promoting their new ideas.


So, if you are a mom, have an idea and were thinking about how to start your company, check out the MOMMY LAUNCH PAD™ at www.greenstepsemedia.com, you may just be on your way to becoming the next MOMpreneur Of The Year!