Giveaway #29 – 24 Days of Christmas


It’s the final countdown! Christmas Day is around the corner and the best gifts are yet to come. To make this holiday season even more special we’ve teamed up with unique, eco-friendly brands. Each day we will be giving away amazing gifts; from fashion to accessories, toys, nursery items, pet toys and even more! This year your holiday shopping is on us!

Day #19- The Perfect Pace by Bold Lead Designs, $20.99

The Perfect Pace by Bold Lead Designs. The Perfect Pace™ is a simple all-in-one dog halter and leash combination. This nopull training tool offers effective and gentle control to instantly stop your dog’s bad habits, such as pulling and lunging on the leash. The comfortable figure-eight design fits around your dog’s upper neck and snout, crisscrossing under the chin. Now you can walk in Perfect Pace with your dog.