GladRags Giveaway

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April is know as Earth Month, here at NCW we want to take some time and make resolutions that help make our planet a healthier, cleaner and more sustainable place.

As women let’s start this resolution with a healthier, easier and safer period. Safer not only for our body but for mother nature as well.

How can we achieve such a thing? It is very simple

Green your menstrual days with GladRags Cloth Pad Sampler Kit

Did you know?

Disposable menstrual products are bad not only for your body but also for the environment. Most of the feminine hygiene products are harmful, may cause itchiness and irritation due to chemicals and fragrances they contain. Not to mention the bleach enhancements that are carcinogenic. Once disposed all these chemicals leach out into the environment and re-enter the ecosystem, the food and water supply.

This month we’ve teamed up with GladRags and we give you the chance to win a Cloth Pad Sampler Kit


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