Goatmilk: Kidware. Organic.

Fashion Goatmilk

By Ariane Moore

Basic. Simple. Classic with a modern twist.  These are the fundamental principles behind the brand Goatmilk.  Co-founders, Tania Vargas and Roland Bello, both children of immigrants, grew up conservationists.  Meaning that they learned at a very early age how to re-use and re-purpose, how not to be wasteful, and that in general less is more.  Tania and Roland stated, “There are many things we cannot control, but when we can, we try to choose what’s best for the planet we live on.  It’s the way we live.”  They have stayed true to this philosophy with the creation of Goatmilk.

It all began 16 years ago when Roland and Tania met at an ad agency.  It didn’t take long before the new colleagues, and future business partners, became great friends.  Roland was preparing for a business trip to Spain, when Tania asked him for an unusual favor, to bring back some underwear for her son Diego.  Being a mother, Tania wanted her son to have the same quality and European aesthetic that she remembered from her own childhood.   To read the full article click HERE.