Green Diapers vs Traditional Diapers?

Sponsored by: Bambo Nature

Let’s get to the bottom [of the debate] – Pun intended.

Granted that all parents want 3 main things from a diapering solution:- DRY, HEALTHY, HAPPY baby – the question whether a Green diaper can accomplish this, remains.

So we took a look of what the main differences are, and the answers are: Chemicals and Price.

Traditional diapers use more freely synthetic materials such as petroleum (yes the same we put in our cars), chlorine, optical brighteners, dyes, and perfumes. On the other end leading “green” diaper brands claim to be free from these harmful chemicals.

It doesn’t take a scientist to understand that if given the opportunity, would be better not to expose your baby’s skin to these substances.  But what about the performance?

BabyGearLab tested independently 24 disposable diapers and put them to the test in a ”bum to bum” competition. All the diapers were put through a combination of hands-on and lab testing; then they were rated on a variety of performance factors including: Absorption and Leaks, as well as Eco-Friendliness and Health among others.

The top scoring diaper was Bambo Nature, with an overall score of 82/100

“Best overall diaper, amazing absorption and eco/health attributes, higher price, but so worth it.”

To see the comprehensive results of the test see here

For this reason we have decided to partner with Bambo Nature to give you the chance to try and test them for yourself.

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