Green Your Grooming Routine

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Gentlemen can take part in preserving mother earth’s rugged good looks, all while maintaining their own.  With green routine tips from Grooming Loungethe country’s premiere destination for upscale men’s grooming products, services and advice, men can get a jump start on going green with waterless wonders that are eco-friendly and conserve H2O.
Razor Rescue: Trash fewer blades with this revolutionary sharpening device. This blade enhancement tool not only extends the life and sharpness of any razor, but will ultimately save you tons of cash.
Face Wiping: Also known as the “lazy man’s face wash,” this face tonic is a cure-all that dissolves dead surface skin, clears blocked pores and even heals up blemishes or post-shave afflictions without a drop of water.
Smile Scrubber: This sonic pulse tooth scrubber will last a lifetime, proving to be a much more effective way to clean chompers than changing out a new brush once a month.
Body Cleaner: Grab a large, heavy-duty wipe and get down to business.  Cleansing wipes such as these can remedy unpleasant stickiness and odors and are perfect post-gym to cut down on morning and night showers.
Body Hair Care: Take care of unwanted hair with this body hair trimmer. Less body hair equals less soap and water needed to clean it.
Grow a Beard: Don’t waste water and creams by shaving every day – grow a beard.  Just be sure to maintain facial foliage with a do-it-all beard kit.
Conserve The Cubes: Class up a glass of whisky and forgo the water-wasting ice with these beverage stones. Liquor connoisseurs can conserve on the cubes and keep drinks from diluting for a pure taste.
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