Healthy Lunches They Will Love


Preparing a delicious and fresh school lunches can be especially tall task.  Having only minutes to prepare these home-made meals, it is difficult to keep them delicious, healthy and safe to sit unrefrigerated for hours. There’s several great ways that you can make your little one count down until lunch time!

Make it Fun and Informative
As a family, have a discussion about the seasonal fruits and veggies that you’d like to eat together and why seasonal produce is best. This is a great way of teaching your children what is fresh at any given time of the year and will help you find out what his/her favorite fruits or vegetables are. You can work with your children to look up fun recipes that you could make together.




Shop Smart
If your children love healthy snacks, like dried fruits and granola, make sure you buy in bulk at your local healthy food market. In moderation, they can be nutritious and low in calories. Using reusable containers is also be a great choice the environment and show your children the importance of conserving waste.

Get Organized
Bento Boxes, small traditional Japanese containers, can offer a great solution to maintain healthy portions and caloric intake. These multi-compartment boxes are perfect for giving your children options for a lunchtime variety of small meals or snacks. Fill each container with diverse, fun, and healthy options.

Be Creative
To little ones, a sandwich shaped like a cat is way more fun! Buy some sandwich, veggie and cutters to make their lunch more exciting.