I was immediately, and almost instinctively attracted to the Environment Collection by Heather Heron. Her creations embody the kind of conscious and minimalistic chic that the magazine stands for. Simple, casual, yet undeniably luxurious,her collections have been featured internationally in Vogue, ELLE and Lucky magazines, and have developed celebrity fans such as Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell. I started to wonder if the woman behind it all would be as intriguing as her collections…so I met her.

And I was pleasantly surprised to discover that we have more in common than our love of beautiful accessories:

- who is heather heron?

I am Canadian woman who seems to be taking a very long vacation in Los Angeles [15 years now] … I studied Anthropology and Midwifery … got wonderfully distracted traveling the world as a photographer documenting a rock & roll tour for a few years and then worked in the film industry … then I taught myself everything I could about design and  began making a few pieces. I have been slowly growing my company Heather Heron ever since …

- where do you find your inspiration?

I love the industrial-ness of vintage military, the spiritual energy and symbolism of native american culture, the ancient ways of natural dyes … taking these elements and bringing them into a modern light and practicality while highlighting and sharing the beauty of the past.

- can you give me an example?

In my latest collection I use hemp, which is one of the oldest, strongest fibers on the planet, and we botanically dyed it into blood red, shadow and midnight … using flowers and roots … an extremely laborious, beautiful and unpredictable journey … the botanically dyed hemp is then paired with chain mail and lush leathers in my latest collection off the grid.

- who are your ‘influencers’?

Two elements that are fundamental to anything I design are beauty and practicality so for beauty … amazing mother earth … the fragility and the wildness in her … those two elements together are my most pure inspiration for living and working. For practicality, hands down the designers of vintage military pieces … they really nailed it… I am constantly blown away by their designs.

- who is the ideal HH’s customer?

My clients cover such a wide spectrum … women, men, from teenagers on up … one of the main threads of all my clients is they love well-made local products.

- how did the collaboration between heather heron and environment start?

The CEO, Davide Berruto, and I were introduced at a party by my friend Anna Getty … It was an immediate yes to working together … I had begun my company over ten years ago working with vintage military, which is also a strong element in their design concept.

We played around with some ideas and it very organically developed into what is now the co-branded label Environment by Heather Heron. We sell the collection in all the Environment Showrooms, as well as specialty boutiques worldwide.

It has been a dream to collaborate with them … they are an incredible company that I feel honored to have been able to (work with and) create together.

- what does sustainable fashion mean to you?

To me, sustainable fashion comes down to th¬ree elements … how something is designed, the journey of how it is made and where it is made. I specifically design pieces that are season-less and time-less. The level of workmanship we use in our collections is extremely high and built to last. The journey of these collections being made locally allows me to be an intimate part of bringing the collections to life. I can’t imagine the disconnect of doing it any other way. It is a huge part of who I am and what I am building.

- who are your favorite designers ?

The fearlessness of Rodarte, the sexiness of Loup Charmant and the simplicity of Maison Martin Margiela.

- if you were granted 3 wishes what would they be ?

1. to ride on the back of a whale like the awesome girl in “Whalerider”

2. for scientists and philosophers be paid salaries that match those of actors and professional athletes

3. to be able to visit my far away family and friends by clicking my heels

- what is next for heather heron ?

My next collaboration is still a secret and we are beyond excited to be working with them … the collection will launch in September … until then we are continuing to expand our accessories, home collection and there is a glimpse of a wedding collection in the works.


To learn more about Heather Heron’s collections visit: www.heatherheron.com