Hello, I am the ethical alternative to what’s on your back


By Andrea Webber

Even for those who have yet to jump on the green bandwagon, who can deny that beautiful, feel-good allure of something branded with ‘free trade’, ‘environmentally friendly’, ‘organic’, ‘sustainable’, or any phrase that claims the purchase you are about to make is positively impacting more than just you?

Truth is, probably very few people would intentionally turn down a sustainable product for its ethically-evil twin. However when shopping, those ‘must have’ items do not usually come in pairs– until now.

Launched last November, Fashioning Change is on a crusade to give consumers an option to buy responsibly without sacrificing style or price.  Fashioning Change’s mission is to provide “fashion for people and the planet” by showing its users “stylish eco-friendly and ethical alternatives to [their] favorite name brands”.

After creating an account or logging in with facebook, users are asked to answer a few quick questions about their personal style, how much they typically spend on apparel and shoes, and cause preferences. By matching styles and price points, Fashioning Change’s “Wear This, Not That” app helps consumers recreate name-brand outfits using eco-friendly and ethical brands.

And, for those individuals  who like to do their research, Fashioning Change’s website includes fact sheets that investigate the backgrounds of each brand, so consumers know exactly what they are buying into.

Every person should have access to fashionable brands that defend human rights and the environment. Sustainable, eco, and ethical should never be paired with sacrifice, and Fashioning Change is here to help assure that.