By Michael Butler

childhood…the sweet absorption of youth.
Its memories reflected in an intuitive way;
moments that are funny, simple, warm and sad,
moving at a fluid pace;

a story that has a bittersweet ending.
a home… now broken…precious moments
when you have to say goodbye to your child…
moments of sadness and joy…of dark and
light…wanting to be whole…truly…deeply…

much is lost when we let go of myths and fairy
tales, whimsical realms and flights of fancy.
expeditions to wonderful strange places…are
a way to remember another time and place
where possibility is unlimited.

the inner nature of the moment does not fade but accumulates
into a strata of memory… the texture of a child’s life – the gritty realities,
the glittering delight of stars, and sunshine;
the gentle comfort that only a parent can provide…
home is a feeling…home is where you are.

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Butler’s Rodeo Drive photography series will be part of the Behind The Wheel exhibition at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art from May 5th through August 12th, 2012.

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