How Can I Eat More Vegetables?

by Anh Van Nguyen, Communications & Programs Coordinator, Healthy Child Healthy World

I think we can all agree that vegetables should be an essential part of our diets. When I was living in Ecuador, I had the privilege of being within walking distance of markets that sold fresh fruits and vegetables, straight from the farm. It was definitely convenient then to stop by a vegetable stand on my walk home from work to pick up some lettuce and other ingredients to make soup and salad for dinner.

Living in the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, however, makes it a bit more difficult to eat healthy on a regular basis. Even with the abundance of Farmers’ Markets around, making the trek to one can prove difficult with my full schedule. When I do have the time to cook, I prefer something quick and easy. And washing, chopping, and other steps that go into prepping veggies do not fall into the quick and easy category. Not to mention having to plan out what to buy ahead of time. I don’t know about you, but many times my veggies go bad long before I get around to cooking them.

These, of course, are not good enough excuses to cut out vegetables from my diet entirely. I decided to change my routine one step at a time, just to make it more manageable. Here are some tips that really helped with the transition—they’re great for families, too!

1. Prep your vegetables at the beginning of the week. I find that if I have already chopped, trimmed, and washed, I’m more likely to add veggies to my meal. My Sunday evenings are pretty relaxed, and that’s when I find time to myself to prepare for the coming week. I use this time to cut up lettuce to have salad on the go, as well as prep much of the veggies I’ve bought to cook during the week.

2. Cook in larger portions. I do not have time to cook every night of the week, so when I do, I make sure that there are plenty of leftovers. Bored with eating the same thing every day? Mix it up a little by using the leftovers in creative ways. My go-to method is to add them to fried rice. Voila, a whole new dish without much effort!

3. Incorporate vegetables into every meal. You don’t need to limit yourself to lunch and dinner. How about a light salad for breakfast? Your kids will love spinach brownies for dessert!

Pretty simple, right? It just takes a bit of creative thinking and planning. So, tell us: How do you add more vegetables to your family’s diets?


Photo courtesy Martin Cathrae / CC BY 2.0