Hukkster – The Pinterest of Shopping



Hukkster takes online shopping to new green heights

Online retail continues to branch out with green ideas to stay fruitful and healthy when it comes to growing innovative ideas. Shopping in the past has been less than eco-friendly and began with the overabundance of paper used to print catalogues. It then took a turn for the better when the internet was introduced to save a trip to the store. Now, Hukkster makes the convenience of online shopping faster, simpler, and more cost-efficient.

The online retail market continues to become more environmentally friendly with companies manufacturing more eco-friendly packaging. According to a study from Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University, online shopping uses about 30% less energy than traditional shopping. Moreover, the study showed transportation to retail stores accounts for 65% of emissions and purchasing the same item online accounts for 22% emissions of carbon dioxide due to packaging. An alternative solution would be biking and walking; however, convenience would be sacrificed.

What about wanting to wear the newest trend at the best prices? Not to mention, email alerts of free shipping and sales now bombard your inbox. Hukkster makes it possible to find exactly what you want and will notify you when it goes on sale. It began when Katie and Erica, the founders and good friends, decided it was time to access fashion and sales more efficiently. Hukkster, similar to Pinterest, is a website that allows you to browse your favorite online stores and receive notifications when the styles you have chosen to “hukk” go on sale. This tool makes it simple to lower your carbon footprint and save money and time, as well as find the styles you desire and eco-friendly products at the right prices.

According to Erica, “Hukkster puts shoppers at the center and works for them. Perhaps she’s overwhelmed by the number of weddings she has to attend this summer. She browses her favorite online retailers and simply hukks the dresses she loves. As these dresses go on sale, she’ll receive a notification in her inbox. When she finds herself with some down time, she can review her hukks and shop for the perfect dress at her leisure. Maybe she needs to suit up for her new job. She can hukk all her work essentials and hukkster will do the tracking. When the styles go on sale, she’ll know right away! It’s that simple.” 

To read more about what the Hukkster girls have to say, check out their blog and visit Hukkster to request an invitation.


By Anna Vorontsova