Computers and computer related devices, such as printers, are responsible for approximately 2% of the total CO2 emission each year, according to a report published by the Climate Group. Although 2% may not sound significant the same report estimated that by 2020 that 2% will grow to 6% of the total CO2 output.

Computers have become close to a necessity in our modern day. Even the most eco aware have to mute their green conscious and give into the electricity sucking machines…or do they?

MicroPro Company in Ireland, and Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (IZM) in Berlin do not think so. The two European companies collaborated and are the first to create a new breed of home computer– “iameco” (pronounced “I am eco”).

Retrofitted with energy saving, recyclable components, iameco is the first computer of its class and has obtained the environmental label of the European Union (EU Ecolable).

The wooden framed, touch screen PC is 98% recyclable, produces around 70% less CO2 than conventional computer, saves 30-40% more energy due to its LED illumination, and includes a heatsink in lieu of a noisy fan, translating into a higher efficiency, barely audible home computer.

To keep up with the rapid evolution of computers, the manufacturers plan to develop the modularity of iameco. This would allow users to outfit older iameco PC’s with fresh and up-to-date internal lives as technology evolves. By replacing only part of the PC when an upgrade is necessary, rather than purchasing an entirely new computer, would cost consumers 50% less and reduce waste.

MicoPro and IZM intend to continue to collaborate in the future and are currently in the process of developing an eco- friendly version of the notebook.


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