Introducing the Boo Yah! Collection by Mini & Maximus

Every season, this edgy kid’s company partners with artists of all ages to create their unique clothing and wall art designs.  Mini & Maximus isn’t in your face about their eco-friendly practices, but we love their use of recycled paper and water-based ink for their posters and use of bamboo and organic cotton in their clothing.  The clothing is fun, imaginative, and another reminder of how kids are more hip than their parents.


See their most recent collection, Animal Collective, featured in Natural Child World’s January/February Relationship Issue.



Shirt: I’ll Eat You Up ; Pant:  Boo Yah


Onesie: Falling Icebergs Owl

MINIANDMAXIMUS-HOL-12-LOOKBOOK-2Shirt: Boo Yah ; Pant: Boo Yah

Booyah 7

Shirt: So Mad ; Pant: My Little Bunny

Booyah 2

Shirt: Love Your Monkey Face ; Pant: Boo Yah

Booyah 1

Shirt: Meow ; Pant: Jaws

Booyah 5

Onesie: Boo Yah

Booyah 3

Shirt: Falling Icebergs Owl ; Pant: My Little Bunny

Booyah 8Shirt & Pant: My Little Bunny

Booyah 6

Shirt: Love Your Monkey Face ; Pant: No Falling Allowed

Booyah 4