Italian Tramer Art Lounge Opening Night!

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Friday August 8th, 7pm-9pm

8248 Beverly Blv., Los Angeles, CA 90048 – 323.879.9719

Valet Parking will be provided


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Andrea Marino, “Pathless Truth”

Andrea Marino was born in Italy and lives between New York and Los Angeles. In his native country, Andrea has worked extensively as a fashion photographer, shooting for publications such as Vogue Italia and Bazaar Uomo. Shot in 39 sleepless nights, The Building of a New Freedom, Sacred Grounds, and Pathless Truth, among others, are an homage to those who still dare to be open. To be free.


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Jeff Iorillo

Los Angeles-based painter working in acrylic and enamel on canvas, masonite, and metal. The experimental nature of his ongoing process of exploration leads to distinct bodies of work consistent through bold lines, and a vivid, abstract style that investigates the materials’ mass, momentum, color, and gesture. His work lives on the boundary between control and chaos, pushing a specific and unique technique past its breaking point in order to achieve a spontaneity and unrestrained quality beyond his original intention.


Italian Tramer Art Lounge

Italian Tramer is a new project conceived by the young Italian photographer Maddalena Patrese. Patrese aims to portray and trace the artistic expression of traveling and dreaming, hence the word “Tramer”. Maddalena shares her roots, memories, and stories with her audience. By looking at her powerful shots, one may enter her mind, and therefore her visions. Italian Tramer will host a comprehensive array of Italian contemporary artists, who are also deeply tied to the concept of dreaming and traveling. ‘Italian’ is the key word for this project. We represent Italian excellence, and the ability Italians have to evoke passion through the quality of their work. This new concept aims to promote and celebrate Italian Photography, Art, and Design.