Jewelry with a Conscious


By Andrea Webber

Trends and personal styles change constantly. In the closet of any fashion conscious individual there are always those few timeless pieces or accessories fighting for hangers and space with ‘trend’ items. Fads are great. They define a period of time with their unique embellishments, seasonal colors, and iconic patterns, but what happens when that trend it put to rest? More than often those briefly beloved items are thrown from our closet to make room for the next “thing”. Unfortunately, even those items that are donated are not guaranteed a second life with someone else.

For the eco conscious, this familiar cycle of use and discard is probably not a point of pride.

Young Ju Do, a textile designer and knitter, is formulating her own eco solution for accessories. This green designer has developed a line of at-home decomposable, bio-plastic jewelry offering a means of wearing your jewelry while giving back to the planet too!

Natural Child World was able to talk personally to Young Ju Do and learn more about the origins and details of this unique line of eco-fabulous design.


NCW: What inspired you?

YJD: I was inspired by a book called cradle to cradle. In “Cradle to Cradle”, the writers propose that we need to change the whole design processes. For example, when people create something, concepts such as “reuse” and “nourishment” are built into the process and become an integral part of the design instead of just reducing waste. “Waste need not exist at all” is the notion of “Cradle to Cradle”. It means that people can design goods with the express purpose of adding “nourishment” to our lives.

NCW: Can you tell us more about the material you used to construct your jewelry line?

YJD: I used the bio-plastics what is made from mainly potato starch by myself and paper yarn. These two materials include a carefully balanced composition of ‘brown’ and ‘green’ bio matter, designed to achieve optimum computability. This good balance affected my design aesthetics.


NCW: What makes your jewelry unlike other eco- conscious fashion?

YJD: Most biodegradable products can only degrade in an industrial composting facility. The aim of this project is to create home-degradable and biologically nutritious jewelry and accessories. These are created from organic materials that, once used, can decompose into the natural environment, providing food for bacteria and microbiological life. Also, Aiming to provide a simple and sustainable solution without compromising aesthetics this collection encourage people to take a fresh look at the new value of short-term use.


NCW: Are there any other interesting facts about your jewelry?

YJD: The bio plastic used is edible because I used edible color and materials. Also, my accessories do not biodegrade in the air. Bio-degradation requires microorganisms, moisture and temperature. So You can choose to compost the accessories after either 1 or 2 years. I tried to compost the item at home. It took around 100 days to be compost in the home compost bin and took around 150days in the back yard.

These accessories prompt people to take a fresh look at the new value of short-term use. Also it will create new kind of throwaway culture which encourage transient design as potentially a more sustainable solution even if it is small effect.

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