Kalon Studios Changing the Rules in Green Design


In an exclusive interview, Michaele acknowledges, “Every time you think you’ve figured something out, the rules change.” Michaele Simmering and Johann Pauwen continue to change the rules in design as they create beauty with a contemporary mind and a green soul.

Michaele alongside Johannes, her husband, biggest critic, and source of inspiration, founded Kalon Studios in 2007 to fill America’s homes with high quality sustainable design pieces. Michaele believes it is important to follow your passions regardless of its destination and the journey it may take you on. Kalon Studios takes beauty to a new level; Michaele says beauty is “a perfect representation of an idea.” According to her, the ideas of Kalon studios were “…inspired by what we saw as a lack in the American market to deliver design objects that were simultaneously high quality, sustainable, responsible and -most importantly- great design.”

Michaele says Kalon Studios was created when she was pregnant with her first daughter, “After years of working freelance for others, we decided that we’d like to try working together so we could both be a part of life at home with our child…” Inevitably, they found challenges along the way. Creating a GREEN business came with hurdles, such as local manufacturing. Michaele states, “…It has been the most difficult, unexpected series of hurdles. We’ll never give up but producing domestically made, high-quality goods that we can deliver for the price and in the time frame consumers have come to expect since the age of Internet shopping changed the world has been a never-ending battle.”

Michaele states it is vital to “be aware of the impact your actions have on everything around you. We need to be aware of who and what we support or impact with our lifestyle.” When it comes to being green, Michaele says, “We both very much agree in living in accordance with our politics and ideals, trying to make a difference by starting with ourselves. We raise a lot of our own food. We eat whole foods, mostly local, small farm, and organic food. We buy local before we buy organic. Local is the main criteria. We love to know the farmer. As far as material goods go, we buy very little. We think intensely before we buy anything, considering the lifespan of the piece in our own home, the materials, where it came from, etc. Kalon is right in line with all this. No matter how much language we put out there, I don’t think we scratch the surface of how truly considered our products are from the ground up. We source everything as close to home as we can, as sustainable as we can and as high quality as we can. We truly believe in using local manufacturing to help revitalize and sustain what is a dying industry here in the states.”

Kalon Studios is one of our partners for our Dream Room makeover Giveaway, and when asked why they have joined forces with us, Michaele says, “We spoke with Barbara Manconi back when Natural Child was her brain child and loved her passion. The ideals behind the magazine are very much in line with our own. Barbara is also such an inspiring, wonderful woman. We love being part of anything she’s working on.”

Next, Kalon Studios will be releasing home goods. Michaele says, “Home goods. We have a back log of products for the home we can’t wait to release. Big and small. Keep a look out for them. They’re just around the corner. “

Visit Kalon Studios HERE.

By Anna Vorontsova