Romy and Ilya met over twenty years ago in Moscow. Romy was studying Russian literature and Ilya artchitecture. They fell in love, got married and moved back to Romy’s homeland: Holland. This would not be an unusual story if this relationship only produced 3 amazing children (Stas, Nika and Sonia) instead it also gave birth to one of the most creative and playful design studios for kids and grown-ups:

At the intersection of modern city life and country living, KIDSONROOF strives to find a balance between design, fun and sustainability.

“We started in 2005 when sustainability began to play a more prominent role in people’s sensibility” recalls Romy, “the cardboard house was our first creation and since then we have been creating and creating…”. Since then they have created an amazing and affordable
collection of signature cardboard playhouses, desks, stoves, igloos, rockets and animals which are sold all over the world and often imitated.

The Casa Collection features portable cardboard playhouses with 8 secret rooms, spy holes and an attic for storage. The first portable lightweight playhouse it is made with natural cardboard color, and printed with a beautiful forest scene. Most amazingly, the playhouse comes primed for your child to add his or her own imagination with lots of room for colors, paint and decorations.

“We wanted to create an environment for children to express their own identities,” continues Romy, ”and most importantly to relish their free spirits where they can feel that anything is possible and even climb on the roof (hence the name).”

The lait-motiv in all KIDSONROOF’s creations is the delicate balance between nature and human interaction. “We divide our time between our city home in Amsterdam and our forest house in the country, where our children can interact with animals and nature. This is how some of our pieces came about, like the Totem Nature collection that reproduces animals that are really in our life.”

Composed of more than 120 building cards imprinted with myriad signs, symbols, textures, and imagery, Totem comes with a manual that provides directions for four different models you can build: Katar, Yak, Barca, and Buran. Plus, it’s made from recycled laminated cardboard. In addition, KIDSONROOF donates 5 percent of its profits to UNICEF projects.

KIDSONROOF’s design stresses the importance for the child to be the main contributor of the final product leaving ample room for interpretation and imagination. Totem City can be anything your kids want it to be, whether it’s an airplane, cathedral, sailing boat, or any fanciful construction their imaginations comes up with.

What’s next for KIDSONROOF?

“Collaboration with other designers such as the Ontwerpduo for our fabric collection” offers Romy, “fabric is a new material for us, which  made it logical to invite other designers to work with us. We like to work with other people. These fabrics are inspired by landscapes that you can keep looking at and will show new patterns and movements every time you look. Also we will introduce a stationary line. I, myself, love stationary so much, it is something I can’t refrain from. Also we wish to introduce more pieces for grown-ups.”

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