Levi’s changing the world one (less) wash at a time

Levi’s changing the world one (less) wash at a time

The Levi’s® brand epitomizes classic American style and effortless cool. Since their invention by Levi Strauss
in 1873, Levi’s® jeans have become the most recognizable and imitated clothing in the world – capturing the
imagination and loyalty of people for generations.

We usually don’t think of Levi’s as one of the companies at the forefront of the movement for a more sustainable
world but we may need to think again.

“Sustainability is much more than an idea or a project for us,” says John Anderson, president and CEO, Levi Strauss & Co, “Sustainability is deeply embedded into our products, our culture and our business. We want to reach far beyond the boundaries of our company to influence not only what people wear but the way people think and act.”

The company has taken a lifecycle approach to understanding how they can reduce the impact of their products. From promoting the growth of sustainable cotton to changing how consumers care for their clothes. They launched the “Care Tag for Our Planet” project to educate consumers about how simple laundry habits can reduce the environmental impact of their clothes. They are committed to achieving carbon neutrality by reducing their energy consumption and moving to the use of 100% renewable energy.


Levi Strauss & Co. also joined the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, an industry-wide group of leading apparel
and footwear brands, retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, non-governmental organizations, and academic
experts working to reduce the environmental and social impacts of apparel and footwear products around the
world. “We understand that to drive the movement of  the apparel industry toward sustainability we can’t do this alone.“

Says Sarah Young, Levi Strauss & CO. Senior corporate communication manager, “We need a common language and approach to measure progress in our industry and supply chains. The SAC brings together apparel brands, retailers, and suppliers to create this common platform.

With this collaboration, we can bring about the positive change needed in our industry.

“We know that some of the biggest impacts on the environment actually comes after our consumers take our products home. We need everyone’s help to reduce our global water footprint – and deliver this excess water to those communities that need it most.”


A new, interactive “WaterTank” game launched in March on Facebook inspires consumers to participate in fun, online water-saving challenges. Each challenge completed will ‘unlock’ water from the Levi’s® WaterTank and ultimately support Water.org’s lifesaving clean water projects worldwide. Through this initiative, the Levi’s® brand will donate $250,000 to Water.org to fund sustainable water programs that will provide at least 200 million liters of water to communities in need of reliable access to this most basic necessity.

“We’re thrilled to partner with the Levi’s® brand, an organization with a long-standing commitment to the water issue, to bring clean water to those in need,” said Water.org Executive Director and Co-Founder Gary White. “While the global water crisis is a huge issue, it’s also a solvable one. At Water.org, we’ve found social media to be the best, most effective way to engage more people and inspire action. The Levi’s® WaterTank game is a great way everyone can take concrete action to make a real difference.”

By playing the Levi’s® WaterTank game, participants will be entered to win prizes including Levi’s Water<Less™ jeans. One lucky grand-prize winner and a friend will visit a community receiving access to clean water from Water.org and experience firsthand the excitement and joy of community members as their lives are forever changed.