In the Kitchen

Lunch Time Delights for an Ignited Mind

In the Kitchen

by: Christina Ross/Creator of PatisseRaw

What will your little genius be eating for lunch this school year? It’s that time again when parents begin to consider and plan for the new academic period that they and their child will embark upon. With so much to plan, organize and consider, lunch is often overlooked or left in the hands of others. To ensure your child gets the most out of his/her education consider making a lunch plan to help enhance your child’s performance both mentally and physically.

Creating a meal plan ensures proper nutrition, lack of boredom, less time in the lunch line and infrequent visits to the vending machines. If time is an issue of concern consider how a balanced diet can lead to more concentration which results in less help with homework, higher scores and overall academic excellence. Sustained energy is another byproduct of good nutrition which means no more falling asleep in class resulting in higher test scores and less frequent meetings with your child’s teacher.

Proper nutrition is key for sustained energy, focus, good mood and concentration. Therefore, it is important to…

Try making the following recipe with your favorite little helpers: 

Homemade Energy Bars – Ingredients

+ (1.76 ozs.) of sunflower seeds…

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