Luxury Camping – Roughing it in Style


When you think of camping, do you think of sleeping on hard ground, bathing in a river or eating processed meat cooked on a stick over a fire? If yes, then you have never been “glamping.” Glamping, or glamorous camping, is becoming a hugely popular vacation option for those who want the eco friendly, one-with-nature experience, but don’t really want to rough it.

Luxury camping locations are popping up all over the globe and are attracting people who want to camp in the great outdoors, but with all the amenities of home…or better yet, a 5 star hotel.

Imagine showing up at your campsite to fully carpeted European canvas tents, complete with bedside tables and lounge chairs, fully stocked coolers, maybe an outdoor movie theater, and, of course, portable restrooms with flushing toilets and hot showers. And never worry about that fire going out or your cocktail running dry, your camp butler can attend to that.

Camping is a childhood memory many of us have. Including Kelsey Sheofsky, co-founder of the San Francisco based luxury camping company, Shelter Co. Kelsey says, “family camping trips were my most memorable childhood vacations, even more than Disneyland.” Kelsey and her husband Mike wanted to recreate that experience for a new generation of families.

While Shelter Co. may provide 400-thread count sheets and down comforters for wood framed beds there is no wi-fi. Kelsey says, “Camping is a wonderful time to create a captive audience with your family, an opportunity to decompress, get back to nature and each other.” Kelsey explains, “Camping creates a unique time for parents and kids.”

Luxury camping doesn’t stop at the campsite. At establishments world-wide, guests can embark on a guided safari, or a whale watching expedition, or a mountain trek. Or host your next unique wedding, family reunion or company retreat with a luxury camping company. Whether a romantic escape or a family adventure, indulge in this extraordinary way to pamper yourself, your family or your guests.

With an event planning background, the crew at Shelter Co. can plan an entire weekend for you from catering and entertainment needs to activities and event design. They can set up wine tasting for the adults and children’s games for the younger set and even a beauty tent or a stocked library.

Luxury camping allows you to stargaze, roast marshmallows, tell stories around the campfire, without having to pitch a tent or pack up the gear afterwards. It’s everything you love about the great outdoors without all stuff you could do with out.