Make Your Kids Happy In A Snap


We want to share the best new apps and tech products to have on hand this holiday season for the kids. Trust us, you won’t want to travel without them. These products have been specially developed for children ages 3+.

Pandora iBooks: A must-have! Currently the #1 children’s book in the Apple store, the Pandora stories will captivate your little ones and have them engaged and excited in a matter of seconds. With a fantastic storyline and adorable characters your children will fall in love.


SchoolZone’s new Little Scholar Learning Tablet: Unlike other tablets currently on the market, Little Scholar has created original programming that can be seen only on the SchoolZone tablet. The tablets feature series, Charlie & Company, will have your children excited and occupied. The tablet also comes pre-loaded (no added costs) with over 199 learning apps (subjects include: math, reading, spelling, science, geography, and creativity). SchoolZone has been the #1 parenting resource for learning books, flashcards, apps, and games so the Little Scholar is sure to be a big winner.  Retail: $199