By Anna Vorontsova

Minimalisma was founded in the Autumn of 2011 by a passionate mother looking to combine Scandinavian simplicity with quality.

The clothing is made with comfort and beauty in mind. Materials such as high quality silk, cashmere, linen and pima cotton are used. Pima cotton is characterized as one of the finest types of cotton around the world and is said to last up to four times longer than normal cotton. It is extremely soft, durable, and certified ecologically friendly. Production of pima cotton is less harmful to the environment when compared to other types of cotton. In addition, linen is widely used as a clothing material and is considered environmentally friendly due to the lack of care needed to grow the Flax plant. All of the plant’s by products are used, and the fabric it makes is natural and chemical-free.

Their collection is available for purchase HERE . The next minimalism collection will be available this Fall.

Photos courtesy of Minimalisma