Mod Pod



Mod Pod: Sunny without a chance of rain year-round with the G-Pod

By Anna Vorontsova

The weather’s unpredictability will not destroy your day outside with the innovative Garden Pod. It provides the ultimate experience in enjoying the outdoors rain or shine. The G-Pod makes nature in all its conditions hospitable and pleasant any day of the year. Eating, reading a book, working, or having breakfast outdoors in the rain becomes possible and enchanting!

The pod makes getting close to nature luxurious. These cabanas are customized to different sizes and can be easily moved into different positions for a change of view. The G-Pod uses materials that are sustainable and long lasting. The majority of the structure is made from Norwegian Spruce that is 99% recycled. It is also crafted out of weather-resistant materials and responsibly farmed pine. The G-Pod becomes more than a luxury sanctuary outdoors, but a beautiful piece of art to be enjoyed inside and out.

Three futuristic eco-models are available, the Seater, the Rotating Lounger and the Summerhouse. The windows are UV protected and reflective stainless steel reduces the temperature inside the pod. The tables in the center can also be lowered for lounging or sleeping needs. The Seater, the smallest model and 7.7 feet in diameter spins 360 degrees. It can comfortably hold five guests. The 8.2 feet high Lounger also spins and comes with a round table. It can hold up to six guests. The Summerhouse is 10.9 feet in diameter and can fit up to ten guests on the sofa. A solar panel can be added to the pod as well.

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