Natural Parenting- Are Conventions the Way of the Future?


“Natural parenting” is based on the desire to live and parent responsively as well as consciously.  It has increasingly become a hot topic for families in today’s society and next month one of the fastest growing “natural parenting” conventions in the U.S. is heading to Kansas City…it’s called MommyCon!  On Sunday October 6 in L.A. and Saturday, October 26th in Kansas City approximately 350 modern parents and mothers-to-be will come together to learn and see the latest practices.

This boutique style event, much like many natural parenting conferences, has a focus on everything organic and pure.  You can find over a dozen seminars and presentations will be featured on topics such as birth, breastfeeding, natural health and wellness, cloth diapering, green living, and car seat safety.

“We are thrilled to be hosting MommyCon in Kansas City, as the city has a passion for natural living that rivals ours,” explains founder Alexzandra Higgins.   “We look forward to sharing our knowledge of natural parenting philosophies with families from the greater Kansas City region”.

Whether Plush, MommyCon, or ABC Kids Expo check out a parenting convention near you!








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