Have you ever entered a room and felt right at home? Even if it is not your own? This is because the elements of that particular space create a synergy that harmonize with your energy.

You can’t help but feel right at home when you enter one of the many Environment showrooms. “Can you make me feel this way? This is what clients ask us all the time,” says Davide Berruto, the wizard behind the curtain of  Environment Furniture. “People don’t want to live in aseptic places with no story to tell.”

More than a furniture company, Environment is, as the dictionary suggests: a condition of the natural world that surrounds people and affects the way they live.

“The furniture we have around us condition the way we live and affect the way we feel,” Berruto continues, ”We want our products to be lived, to tell a story.”

Since its origin, this California-based company has chosen to anchor its work in respect for the planet and mankind. For Environment this means an ongoing involvement in the research and implementation of reclaimed materials, a responsible use of resources, and employing manufacturing processes with low environmental impact. It is their successful experimentation with uncommon woods and textiles that quickly established them as design pioneers.

Part design consortium, part modern craftsman, Environment underscores its commitment to people and the planet by working together with organizations such as the Tropical Forest Trust (TFT) to eliminate illegal and controversial tropical wood from supply chains and replace it with wood from TFT forest projects from FSC certified forests.

Such principles have landed them praise from the global community while endearing them to high-profile eco-conscious clients like Leonardo DiCaprio and Julia Roberts.

The materials used in Environment’s collections are all reclaimed, recycled or repurposed wood and canvas, providing true diversity in both appearance and texture.

Many pieces feature one-of-a-kind boards that have been exposed to the natural elements for decades and have acquired a truly “weathered” look that no manufactured or artificial distressing can replicate. From basic plank inlays to patchwork and mosaic effects, Environment uses the wood’s natural character to create a collection that’s contemporary yet warm and accessible, and of course, environmentally responsible.

Environment’s attitude is very simple: Enjoy, Share and Preserve.

“Our partnership is about cultural innovation and a trust in in¬telligent creativity and worldly sensitivity,” says Creative Director, Jean-Marie Massaud. “Sustainability is an investment in competence, quality and timelessness for a better life surrounding,” says Massaud. “We must always start with a very simple question: why and for what purpose are we creating new objects and services? Given the stakes and the state of our planet we must create thoughtfully.”


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