Many of us are coming to realize that being socially aware and environmentally responsible doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. This is equally as true when shopping for our little ones. As socially responsible fashion is becoming more and more mainstream, here’s a look at a clothing maker who has discovered the perfect balance between style conscious and social conscience: Oeuf. Be Good.

“When we were kids, whenever our parents dropped us off somewhere like school, our grandparents’ house for the weekend or even summer camp, they always gave us a hug and a kiss and told us to “be good!” as they waved goodbye.” Say Sophie Demenge and Michael Ryan, a French/American husband and wife team that is steadfast and relentless in its goal to keep Oeuf true to its mission.

“As kids we’re very literal and knew this meant…don’t cut your sister’s hair, don’t glue yourself to the wall, don’t go running off into the woods with nothing but your underwear and a toothbrush. At the time, it was mostly about good behavior.”

Now as parents, we realize there is a whole other level of meaning when we kiss them goodbye and tell them to be good. We know we’re really telling them to be good people. Do the right thing. Make us proud. Be the kind of people we hope to be. As Oeuf, we have the chance to elevate this notion once again and be a good company.”

From inception, Sophie and Michael were motivated by a desire to reduce unnecessary purchases and offer solutions to parents that made sense with the demands of a modern lifestyle.
Every piece in Oeuf’s collections is thoughtful and focused on three key principals: quality, practicality and function – all packaged in beautiful design.

Oeuf’s Alpaca mitten is made in Bolivia by women who work in self-managing  groups, making decisions as a democracy.  Their partnership with Oeuf has made a significant impact on their lives. Their children, no longer having to work to help support the family, go to school. They enjoy health and dental care and better nutrition. And there is no longer the uncertaintly of unemployment.

When you buy these knits, you help transform the lives of these women and their children in Bolivia.

Read more: www.oeufnyc.com