Calling All Military Moms-to-Be

Operation Shower

In honor of expecting moms whose husbands are deployed, Operation Shower provides the ultimate baby shower!

Operation Shower shows us the power of good hearted acts! It all started in LeAnn Morrissey’s basement. For the first four and a half years, she struggled to make her dream in helping mothers a reality. It  began with the support she received as an expecting mother, from there LeAnn wanted to spread the love and help. When she decided to do a good deed , she sent a “shower in a box” to several moms whose husbands were deployed.  LeAnn shares with us how the beginning of a good deed turned into what it is today . She says, “Operation Shower began when I merged my desires to do something for new moms and also to give back to the military.  I had always appreciated so much all the help I received with my young son from other moms and was looking for a way to provide that support to other women.  At the same time, I was looking for a way to honor the troops serving our country.” From there… Operation Shower was born and has showered over 700 military mothers who do not have the luxury of having their husbands by their sides.

Now, all mothers whose husbands are from any branch of the armed forces are welcomed with open arms and gifts for their newborn baby on the way.Babies “R” Us is proud to have recently partnered with Operation Shower and has donated $100,000 to Operation Shower to assist in Baby Showers for military moms to be and others across the nation.

Most importantly, Operation Shower shows the power of good deeds and supporting one another. LeAnn says Operation Shower has taught her “the power of love and connection and the goodness of people. When I started, I had no idea how much support we would get from companies and individuals who did not have much themselves but wanted to give – from people who wanted to volunteer in any way that they could.  People want, much like we do, to find a way to say thank you to military moms and to recognize them for what they are doing for their families.”

According to LeAnn, Operation Shower will “continue to do more and more showers at bases across the country.  We are working with Birdies for the Brave, with the PGA TOUR, on a number of showers and at least 3 more with Babies R Us.  We believe that what we do matters and makes a difference and needs to continue, so we will work to make sure people always have a chance to honor military families – the Operation Shower way.”  

To learn more about the organization, upcoming events or to get inspired, visit HERE.

If you would like to support Operation Shower, please visit HERE to donate to deserving mothers.


By Anna Vorontsova